The three levels of value: an amazing process to fall in love with yourself

In this article I’ll teach you something that has the potential to turn you into a happy, joyful person. No kidding.

Also, it can serve as the bridge between human and human being…

From that you can guess: the distinctions in this article are advanced.

At present, if you are a “normal” human, you are judging yourself and others. You are miserable, wretched, prone to get happy, get sad, get depressed at the drop of a hat.

I assert that you are judgmental, because distinctions are missing, and there is nothing wrong with you. Or them…

You are judgmental. You can’t help it. You may try to control yourself, suppress it, but it isn’t going anywhere. It is there. It’s vicious. You judge yourself as much as you judge others. This is how you learned to be by modeling your parents, your teachers, your bosses, your church, your politicians.

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The risk of living a life without a purpose…

it's not automaticIt’s not automatic… or if anything can be called automatic, it is always bad… or inappropriate

We, humanity, are more attuned to danger, bad feelings, than we are to good feelings… And it is natural, given our size and defenselessness in the natural world.

In order to get anything done, you cannot rely on your natural inclination, it won’t be helpful. Your natural inclination is to do nothing much, reserve your energies, unless you are hungry, you are horny, or you are in danger. Continue reading “The risk of living a life without a purpose…”

How Can This Simple Exercise Be The Ticket To Happiness? To Achievement? To Passion?

I wrote this article more than four years ago. I assigned this simple exercise to about a hundred people, and to my dismay, all failed.

I discovered two days ago why… and now I can start teaching it again, and see if it is a lack of capacity, or a lack of intention that causes the failure.

Why am I so persistent in teaching something no one wants to do? Because, as you’ll find out, it is both a test and a spiritual practice that can take you to beingness, the dominion of heaven. I’ll add what I have newly discovered where it is needed, in italics and in the footnotes, below the article.

In this article I introduce a simple exercise that if you are willing to do, consistently, you will be able to accomplish a whole lot, probably more than any meditation program by itself. It does two things:

    • it takes you out of your head (what other exercise does that? Heh?) My bad: it turned out that getting out of your head requires a capacity in your DNA to be turned on, and most people don’t have it turned on… I can turn on the capacity for you. I also have a recorded workshop to teach you all the intricacies of that capacity: that capacity is the gatekeeper between being a human and being a human being. Available only this week…

      The Detached workshop teaches you to step back

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A great little exercise to cause self-love…

Last night, in bed, I accidentally hugged myself.

Then, unexpectedly, I said to myself: I love you, little one. And then the “fun” began… The emotional dings, the doubt, the questioning, the grief.

Hoho… I said, what’s going on?

The little voice said: why would you love me?

Because I do… I said.

Do you love me, even though the house looks like a mess?

I don’t love your house, I love you. house, no house, mess, no mess… I love you.

oh. But do you love me even though I am getting old?
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The skill to identify and the skill to overcome your dominant way you avoid to grow

pikes_peak_from_garden_of_the_godsIt’s eerie how soul correction that is calculated from your date of birth and zodiac signs, calculated from just your birthday can be so very accurate in their core.

By core I mean your base nature. What you are inclined to do, the attitude you are inclined to have.

My horoscope for the next weeks or so… by Rob Brezsny:
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Pike’s Peak is a 14,115-foot mountain in Colorado. It’s not a simple task to trek to the top. Unless you’re well-trained, you might experience altitude sickness. Wicked thunderstorms are a regular occurrence during the summer. Snow falls year-round. But back in 1929, an adventurer named Bill Williams decided the task of hiking to the summit wasn’t tough enough. He sought a more demanding challenge. Wearing kneepads, he spent 21 days crawling along as he used his nose to push a peanut all the way up. I advise you to avoid making him your role model in the coming weeks, Virgo. Just climb the mountain. Don’t try to push a peanut up there with your nose, too.
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Heaven or hell… same place, same people… the difference is your conversation

The opposite of Life is a conversation is you living in a world of object, being an object. An object. Ugh. I don’t want to be an object. But if you look, you ARE treated as an object, by nearly everyone nearly all the time.

People don’t look at YOU, they look at your body, your clothes, your hair… but not YOU.

I participated in a week long training some years ago, and the slogan of the training was “I see you”. And I remember people getting teared up from hearing that.

That is the human condition: people tearing up when they are seen as a person, as an individual… as opposed to the norm: seen as an object to use, to abuse, to blame, to push around. Continue reading “Heaven or hell… same place, same people… the difference is your conversation”

Emotional Intelligence: learning what feelings are, what feelings do will help you live life as a human, instead of a puppet

Yesterday I was on the phone with a client.

Her soul correction is Fear/Fearless. In the conversation it was becoming obvious that she had read “Feelings” the book I have been so excited about. So the conversation was on a more even footing that most of my conversations: she has been paying attention and recognizing at least some of the dynamics the feelings have, and has been managing her fear quite well.

Buy the book “Feelings” Show proof of purchase for a pdf… you’ll need it. It’s hard to see the illustration on Kindle…

You have always wanted to get out of your head. You tried meditation, drugs, to no avail. Because the way out of the head is through the feelings… the body, where you feel the feelings. Your control center. Overriding the mind nearly 100% of the time.

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Can you be a creator and yet live in the machine? Yes, if you live life like a conversation

My introduction to this concept, that life is a conversation was in October 1987… The month of the big stock market crash.

I was an architect in the luxury architecture business… custom vacation houses on the tropical islands… and suddenly the clients lost all their money in the crash… and the projects were put on hold.

I had no savings, I had no other income, so this new idea, that I have the power to say, to create a conversation how to hold the “I am probably going to lose this job and my income” with something other than panic and anguish… And I did. I invented stuff, sometimes hourly, and could keep up my sunny disposition.

I did get let go, but whenever this company needed an architect, they called me, per diem, and I survived and was fine… thank to this new way of looking at life.

Did reality change? Yes and no. The largest reality didn’t change. But what was possible for me, definitely changed. Continue reading “Can you be a creator and yet live in the machine? Yes, if you live life like a conversation”

Invisible dynamic: the concern, having your foot nailed to the floor

Do you get fixated on what’s wrong with you? With what’s wrong with the world? With what you want? With what should be?

Fixate or abdicate is the “normal” binary behavior. Neither behavior serves you… it serves the machine.

I woke up this morning with a start. I had a nightmare.

I was in some exam situation where I was slowly losing my ability to grasp anything. I could not follow the instructions, and then in a lecture I didn’t understand a word the instructor, a woman with a southern accent said.

Everybody laughed, she must have been funny, but I could not make more than a word here and there.

I cried. I cried to the instructor after the lecture, if that is what it was.

After I got up, I started to think how I would solve this problem in real life. It is actually true about me that I have difficulties with accent, that I have difficulties with fuzzy audio…

Then I sat down to work, and looked at my site, and it started to dawn on me that this was a “teaching/guidance” dream: I am leaving people in the dust. Continue reading “Invisible dynamic: the concern, having your foot nailed to the floor”

Spiritual Arrogance

1-spiritual-arrogance-pict-1Humans have a dual nature, a dual nature that is the enemy of growth, enemy of learning, enemy to the survival of the species…

Arrogance and pride…

Arrogance is duality itself.

  • It says, on one hand: I already know. I know. I am beyond that.
  • On the other hand: OMG, I am so stupid. I make so many mistakes. I better slow down, and not be so sure.

We call the arrogant side “it” in this article. And it talks. And it knows. And it pontificates…

What “it” says it knows? It knows everything. It knows if it is worth it to listen, if it is worth for you to do. It knows if you can. It knows the future, the past, what it all means, what it doesn’t mean, what it’s all about, what is important and what isn’t. Continue reading “Spiritual Arrogance”