Instant Coherence Activator

Brand new science: your physiology trumps your psychology!

A Stress reliever

How your mind, how your beliefs listen to the superior intelligence of your body…

Instant Heart Coherence Activator

Feel Calm and Collected after a few minutes of being in the presence of this powerful 653 vibration audio recording.

Use it when the events that are facing you will turn out better if you can stay calm.
It also can help you to recover from any experience where you are offended, or hurt by someone or their remark, a lot faster than usual.
Enjoy people and their company who normally rub you the wrong way… because you won’t react to them. Maybe it is your children, your spouse or your in-laws?

Or customers, bosses…

This audio over time can lend you a sense of imperviousness where nothing gets to you and every day is a smooth sailing day.