Connect To Source

connecting to source is plugging in

connecting to source is plugging inConnect Directly To Source

At this date there are three people who have completed their activation to 299.

The transition between 295 and 299 is very significant: and causes serious physical symptoms that you can avoid: connect directly to Source and request the completion of your activation.

You can make that request at any point, but in my experience, Source will take you only to the next significant stage, and then you will need to request it again.

The method I show in the video has worked, but has only been tested by two people, one of them is myself.

As I was connecting in the demonstration and uttered the world “the completion of my activation” Source actually took it literally, and it took me to a new level… baaaah, it hurts and I am burning up. I am at 815 now, and my whole circulatory system is effected.

I just hope my leg will be effected real soon. 1

OK, watch the video, emulate me, follow instructions, and send me feedback, please.

Connect directly to Source: Practice it: I will show how this connection is useful, how to make commands, how to manifest.

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  1. for the past 13 years I am having pain in my right leg that doesn’t respond to chiropractic or exercise… and no one knows what really causes it. I have some theories, but they are just that, theories. My hunch is that at some level the pain will be pooof gone, and I will be free.