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Wednesday 4 pm EDT
Saturday 9 am EDT
Saturday 9 pm EDT
Sunday 9 pm EDT (attention calisthenics)

Once you learned to connect you can also come to a Tuesday/Sunday 9 pm and Wednesday 2:30 pm EDT webinar (Healing Meditation)

EDT is New York Daylight Savings Time

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Description: On each call I tell you exactly what to do, show you on the screen what it looks like, and check empathically (distance) and individually what you are doing to check any mistakes you make make. Then I muscle test if you are connected.

Once everybody on the call is connected I give you some energies, mostly the Heaven on Earth, the Energizer, and then we do some work with the soul, the ego, learn how to get their support and cooperation for a great life.

The webinars are 60 minutes long. You need to be on time, or you will be dismissed. On time means on time. Best to be early. The webinar software takes time to download, on most computers it takes 10 minutes. It is best to restart your computer, or at least your browser: the webinar software is known to crash your browser, and then you will be late!

My style is somewhat the style of a drill sergeant. It is my style. If you don’t like it, don’t come. You’ll hate me.

Here is the link to register in the live webinar. One registration registers you into all the webinars.

There are many recordings in the members area once you register to the webinar. Watch them and get prepared

6 thoughts on “Learn To Connect To Source”

  1. Hi Sophie,
    I’ve been following your articles when I have time and find them very interesting. I participated in a few of your webinars to connect to Source. I lost confidence, however, the last time I participated and I never bothered to ask you about this, but here goes: I was a little late getting on the webinar and as I got on, you were just checking with each individual to see if they had connected or not. You came to my name and said I was connected. I had not done the tangerine process yet, and I remember you saying that you cannot be connected without doing this. So, I now, I must admit I am skeptical. I really was believing in this process until then. Do you think you made a mistake and read me wrong, or is it possible to somehow connect without doing the process?

  2. Some people can connect without going through the process. I muscle tested it now and it still says that.
    I wake up connected. And I’ve seen that with other people too.

    I read Vianna Stibal the theta healing lady who says: you just click into it. The only place I can’t just go without actually jumping is the 3rd level. but to the 2nd level: click.

    If your mind isn’t process oriented, step-by-step type pedestrian, all this process is in your way really, so, yes, I could correctly muscle test you connected even though you hadn’t gone through the process. Don’t discount the space you entered.

  3. So, it’s kind of like when I hear music, I feel like I just automatically connect with it and can enter a space of spontaneous blissful dancing. . .but ask me to follow a sequence of dance steps and I become more self-conscious–focusing on the steps sort of interrupts the flow and I don’t feel one with the music then.
    Should I even try to practice the tangerine method then? And for example, if I want to use something like the Healing Codes, or your activators/downloads, how would I know if I’m “connected” or not?

  4. Great question, Cindy.

    I am like you. When I first watched Vianna Stibal connect, I just went with her. I was watching the videos with the sound off… Now, it the sequence I give on the calls, I tried to translate it to steps: most people do best with a linear, abc approach. Not you, not me.

    You already know, and you know it on the muscular level. My hunch is that you are an empath, that’s why.

    Now, if I made a video on how I REALLY connect, you’d probably be able to follow, but let me say something that is important: everybody had the same issue for a long while: how do I know if I am connected.

    If the connection point is placed on the tangerine spot: it is hard to know. People were looking for a sensation in that spot.

    So I have been teaching to raise that spot, like a hockey puck, above the head. Why? Because the hockey pock now needs to be held with something other than your attention. And as the hockey puck is above and slightly behind your head, your whole being opens up to Source, and that is a definite feeling, like your head and above is in a different dimension.

    I will make a video without words just for potential empaths like you, but in the meantime please come to a connection call, and experience it.

    You’ll love it, and NOW you’ll know, 100% if you are connected or not.

    In addition, because now the WILL holds the connection open, you can do all kinds of things safely, like the Healing Codes, like reiki, like listen to music, to audios. EVEN THOUGHTS AND SPEAKING won’t take you out of the connection.

    You can have your eyes open… Active thinking will take you out though, but passive thoughts, automatic speaking: not.

    I appreciate two things about you beyond what I normally would appreciate about people: 1. that you use your built in truth evaluating “machine” and 2. that you double-check. Neither of these is a common behavior, it’s rare, and so are you. Come to any of the calls, best to come to the re-recording of the Unconditional Love Activator: it’s this Saturday at 4 pm my time, NY time. Be on time, we’ll start with teaching connecting the new way.

    If you don’t own the activator already. https://www.yourvibration.com/unconditionallove to sign up. It’s $7, worth millions, in my humble opinion. If you don’t want to risk seven bucks, then just come to a connection call and learn the new way. http://raise.yourvibration.com

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