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Sorry, but registration to the Daily Connection is closed for new students. Once I am satisfied with the content, it will be available as paid content. I’ll send out an email when or it happens.

Sorry… I have discontinued teaching people how to connect to Source. Here are the reasons why:

  1. People want to connect to Source as if it were the God of their religion. They want to have the same relationship with it: hands out begging. That is the wrong relationship to have with Source.

    So if you are in this group: you need to become a person, depend on nothing and no one, and then you can connect

  2. You cannot connect to Source (or anything really) if and when you are in your mind. Most people spend all of their time in their mind, speak from there, listen from there, so they can’t learn to connect
  3. In some weird way you need to get to a place where it’s ok if it happens and it’s ok if it doesn’t… i.e. no concerns. That is the state when you can just connect. In every other state you are forcing, and will imagine you are connected, but you won’t be.

As you can see, teaching people to connect to Source wasn’t a rewarding task for me: they need to get ready before they can learn. That is why I started to offer the audio activators… they gently over time take you out of the mind and out of your concerns.

We’ll talk again in a few years…

6 thoughts on “Daily Connection”

  1. Daily connection sound s great.

    How can I contribute to make this a reality?

  2. Sophie,
    Signed up for the new connection protocol – sure hope I can get the connection info soon- I look forward to raising my vibration more through these amazing connections.

  3. My whole family has candida bad! Especially me and my oldest son. He did better on a strict diet and we notice that he has gone back to bad since not being on the diet. I myself was doing well on these supplements I was taking and plan on getting them again. They are rare supplements not sold many places and they are expensive. One is called Zeolite which is a highly effective detoxification product. The other is a fulvic acid formula that really make me feel great! The third is a unique product called electro hydrate. I am interested in learning more about the tangerine method which sounds similar to a Hermetic practice I was doing for a bit.

    Also want to know more about the energy water. Is it the same as Structured water? I would like to do muscle testing but I find it hard to do. What about dousing?

  4. I don’t know anything about the stuff you take, structured water and other stuff… If you have a question about what I say in an article, I can answer it. But first you need to read the articles.

    Dousing is the same as muscle testing: it’s unreliable unless someone is connected to a higher authority. The woman who teaches it is connected, but isn’t conscious about it. Otherwise she would not dupe people, not telling them to connect.

    I bought a dousing course by this German woman, but it didn’t work. I wasn’t connected at the time. I am sure if I found it useful now, I would make it work, but I don’t need it.

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