Soul Correction Coaching

Soul correction

In the Soul Correction Workshop we identify a bunch of these…

Is it for you?

Soul Correction is the fundamental way you are stuck in becoming a human being, you are stopped in your evolution.

When we look at humanity, literally no one is doing the work they need to do to correct the ways in which they are off the path of growing.

Thousands of courses, millions of books, maybe even millions of coaches, but they are coaching you to make life better, not you better.

Which means, doing this work for you is both unfamiliar, and probably way beyond where you even wanted to go.

There are two ways to deal with this:

  1. Decide that whatever it takes you are going to start climbing the tree of life. I am here to support you.
  2. Decide that this is not for you, that the likelihood that you’ll do what you need to do is between zero and none.

My work is to research, test, and fail at causing the evolution of humankind.

It is not to make life easier, to help you make money, to help you be healthier, to help you feel better.

You need to find another coach for that.

I know I am saying good bye to a lot of money, but my integrity is pretty much the only thing I have… and I am not going to jeopardize it for money. I am OK to just make ends meet, even if it puts me living on the edge every single month.

That is an excellent place to see new things, and to grow.

If you choose option #1: I’ll work with you until I realize that you don’t have what it takes. Then I’ll ask you to leave… You can still read the site, but you won’t be my student. You can be a client… buy stuff, but I won’t coach you.

Am I being harsh? Maybe.

You are going to be happier… because pretending to me that you want what you don’t want… must be a heck of a burden to carry.

Tell yourself the truth and we can remain friends.