What is Scarcity? What is Scarcity Thinking?

What is scarcity?

  • Scarcity is an attitude. A feeling. A worldview.
  • A view of things that they are limited either in time or quantity. That there is nothing you can do to change that.
  • So you can hurry to get what is limited in time, scramble, because it feels that losing THAT is the end of the world.
  • Or you can decide that you will never get it, and be depressed about it.

Scarcity is not a mind phenomenon, it is not a belief, it is not thinking. Scarcity comes from a worldview.

Scarcity is sometimes real. There is an actual scarcity of resources, from time to time. But Scarcity as an attitude is what keeps you uncreative, and a victim.

Scarcity fills your whole view and renders you immobile, and stupid.

When you can tear your attention away from what you think is a threat, then you can stop being afraid, you can stop scrambling, and can get creative. You can invent how you want to be in the face of scarcity.

You bring your higher functions to it, to life, and create a meaning.

Victor Frankel, a Holocaust survivor coined this method Logotherapy.

He, himself, while in concentration camp, invented, that the way he wants to live and die is with dignity.

This altered his experience of life in the camp, and contributed to his survival, to his being able to return to life, while 95% of the prisoners died when they lost hope.

Looked at another way: scarcity says that you have no choice. That your choice was taken away.

But you, as a human, always have a choice in your beingness, it cannot be taken away, you can only give it up, if you do.

Beingness is the highest function of a human, a function of consciousness.

When you have only a few capacities in your DNA turned on, you have only limited access to beingness and, for the most part, live therefore a limited life, where your power is very limited.

When I turn on more DNA capacities for you, you have more choice in how to be, and scarcity and other limiting ways of being are balanced out, and you can get more out of life, better relationships, better results in your work, better relationship with yourself and life.

For example, without the capacity of Empathy, you are condemned to only what you know, what is stored in your mind about what other people are thinking or feeling.

When the capacity of Empathy is turned on, you miraculously know with high accuracy, what is going on for people, and your interaction with them becomes a lot richer, a lot easier, a lot more enjoyable.

Another example: without the capacity of self-trust, you are condemned to be fearful and in a limbo: afraid to take steps that are unfamiliar.

When the capacity of Self-Trust is turned on, you have a choice to take a step into the unfamiliar or not, because you know you can handle anything that comes up.

There are 160 being capacities encoded in the human DNA, and most people have 5-7 capacities active.

Being able to turn on capacities and keeping them on is a huge breakthrough in human evolution.

You can get smarter, you can get better at whatever you want to do with the added capacities.

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