New! Energetic Whole Body Cleansing: you can do it on your own now!

2175606-vitruvianI had a breakthrough this morning. Until now I'd thought that the energetic cleansing would only work for the few areas I have mentioned before, the brain, the sinuses, the ears, the liver and the pancreas.

But an unexpected event triggered me to test cleansing other areas, and it worked.

My friend down south is experiencing a new dull foggy pain in his forehead. I 'looked' at it and it's a slight calcification of an artery in front of the brain, caused by his smoking.

By the way, there is no more intimate being with someone than actually being in his body, feeling what he feels, good, bad, indifferent... very weird. We've been friends for 6 years, this was the first time.

He is signed up for the Cleansing Event on the 16th, but I decided to give him a cleansing today. Muscle testing said that I can help with that calcification, and it is all in a day's work... lol

Only after about 90 seconds of the brain cleansing there were enough toxins raining from his brain that I had to move to the liver and it needed three cleansings... lots of toxins.

In the background I could hear his wife coughing... she is also a smoker and her lungs are shot.

moonearthrI muscle tested if I can cleanse lungs, and the answer was Yes. Colon: Yes, Kidney: Yes. Spleen: Yes.

Which means that the same method can be used to all organs (if I left any out, please comment below!) for a whole body cleansing energetically.

Question: should you start with cleansing your whole body? No. The toxic load on your liver would get too heavy. Start with the area that is most in need of cleansing, and cleanse it reasonably well a few times, before you add other areas.

What is the right order of things?

Level 1. Cleanse your intestines
Level 2: Cleanse your liver
Level 3: Cleanse your kidneys
Level 4: Cleanse your brain
Level 5: Cleanse your lungs
Level 6: Cleanse your spleen, pancreas, sexual organs, etc.

earth-manI am going to prepare an audio for each of these regimens. Each level after Level 3 will also include previous levels, the intestines, the liver and the kidneys, so your elimination is fast and you don't just recycle toxins.

In the case of my friend, I have also unleashed an energy, TG (abbreviation) to gently melt away the calcification. It will take about four weeks before it's all gone.

He plans to live till 120...

You can get the whole course, or you can just get that one session when we did every part of the body... Your choice.
When you paid, you'll be forwarded to the membership site where you need to register. If you are not forwarded, don't close the page, there is a link there to take you to the same registration page...


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    1. of course. The Liver and the gall bladder are a unit. We have had gall stones and all kinds of stuff pass.

  1. i gave donation to order pdf on correction about an hour ago. received receipt on donation by havent received it by email yet. also thanks for the correction, but i still cant sign in. I want to order other things, but i want to make sure system is working for me first. Thankyou

    1. please send me your date of birth… it’s needed to calculate your soul correction The site works…

  2. Tried to subscribe for the cleanses but paypal said there was a problem connecting and I should contact you. I would like the program on cleansings.

    1. sorry Polly… I will check and post the correct link if it is indeed messed up. We haven’t done whole body cleansing since that event…

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