Huge Breakthrough in the Delivery of the Heaven On Earth Energy Bundle (HOE)

Most energies infused into water proliferate (get passed on to something else) with entrainment. (This is a lot like getting pregnant by standing close to a pregnant person... lol)

Anyway, the signature product of ours, the revolutionary blah blah blah, the Bach Energies turned into a Bach Energy Bundle didn't and doesn't behave like a regular energy.

This week, a customer from the UK asked if I could infuse the HOE into the insert that goes into the Polar Pitcher. We use that setup to energize the water. I answered that I do, but unfortunately the HOE doesn't pass onto the water.

Then a Muslim customer asked me to send him the HOE in water not preserved with the brandy, for obvious religious reasons. I did.

Then I had the thought to ask Source if it would be possible, somehow, to pass the energy onto the water.

And the answer is (drumroll) yes. Except each individual Bach Energy needs to be infused into the insert individually. It will add at least 5 minutes to the energizing process, but it will save people the trouble of having to re-order their HOE: it will be right there, in their water.

Teachers and sales people wouldn't have to worry about alcohol breath, Jodie's son would not think she is drinking on the job.

So here it is, the new Polar Pitcher insert that not only energizes your water, it actually makes it your Heaven on Earth remedy as well.

I think this deserves to be called a breakthrough, wouldn't you think?

10 thoughts on “Huge Breakthrough in the Delivery of the Heaven On Earth Energy Bundle (HOE)”

  1. Yes, a wonderful breakthrough! You guys (Source and you) make such a good team. I love to watch you work.
    Question: If I ordered the water filter, can other people drink the water in my family or it is only for me?

    1. you don’t need to be connected to Source to get the benefits from the HOE. So it is for everyone. The water is silky smooth and tastes much better than the water you start with. Best to use filtered water.

  2. I just ordered the filter two days ago: could i request to get this new one with HOE–even if it delays my order?

    1. Believe it or not, it is already done, packaged and downstairs for the mailman to pick it up. The insert was out of stock and I just got a shipment today. You are the first person to test it… The perfect person. I am also testing it in my pitcher.

  3. Hi Sophie, been using the ones you sent in 5 gal water cooler. Fantastic…tastes great, mom loves it, lol her cats love it too. Im also watering some plants in my garden they are perking up in this heat already.

    Congratulations on your new work…. Makes sense Ill have to get 2 more next week.

    I was planning to place these without HOE in water storage tank under garage (1000 gal.) and replace the water cooler with these.
    So if a place 3 in 1000 gal with time it should entrain full volume making the water supply for garden energized?

    Is that possible?

    1. Henry, muscle test says it will, in about a week.
      I tested in my pitcher and at this point (freshly energized and infused with HOE) the pitcher’s content reached full strength in 12 hours.
      I am still working on a design where the sealed energizer can be just thrown into a bottle, whether it is a 5-gallon or a 1-gallon.

  4. Sophie, I’ve had some patches of psoriasis for about 14 years; much of it disappeared after an intensive Art of Living course that I took. But one large stubborn patch remains just below my left knee and a small one has reappeared on my right knee. If I want to try the HOE, can I just come and pick it up? I’d like the non-alcohol version.

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