Coherence and other energetic phenomenon or how does the Energizer® energize the water

coherence: logical, orderly, and aesthetically consistent relationship of parts

What I am going to say here isn't the truth. It's my interpretation of what's going on, so please don't go off and pass it off as authoritative truth: I'll muscle test, but my hunch is: it is unkowable. Water is the most godly creation right after human being. It is capable of carry any energy, and carry it without any distortions. It is loving with no agenda of its own.

It's hard to imagine, but the water that we drink isn't coherent. It's much like unkempt hair: full of knots, lacking shine.

Why is that? Is it because of the impurities of the water? Yes and no.

The impurities are like the knots, they make the water molecules attempt to seal the impurities off.

The most important reason for our water's incoherence is its spin. (spin is a lot like curly hair: each hair follicle tells the individual hair which way the spiral should go.)

Water is supposed to be left-spin. Each molecule.

For reasons that we can only guess, (the impurity of the human mind feels most accurate, second guess is the cause of the Great Flood: the Earth spin got reversed, all guessing!)

Imagine your hair: each hair follicle instructs the hair to curl in a slightly different direction. The resulting hair is much like a bale of hay: no rhyme and reason, and no beauty.

That's how our drinking water looks when you can see it.

The Energizer does one thing: that is how I designed it. It alters the spin of the water molecules. To the degree it does, to the degree the water is silky, drinkable, and nurturing to the body.

And because all the molecules pull in the same direction, the water's energy becomes the highest water's energy can be: which is 650.

When you drink anything made with regular water, it takes energy from your body. When you drink anything made with Energy Water, it gives your body energy to heal, to digest, to love, to think, whatever we use our energy for.

That is how the Energizer® energizes the water. It's like a huge comb for your hair... lol.

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  1. … have pondered a solution to our dehydration crisis for years… have driven 20 hours to get good water several times… have tried every drop, alkaline water, filter, Qwave, and many more attempts not worth mentioning… LOL… Raising the vibe of water gives it a wonderful sweet taste… am totally spoiled now!

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