The Unbreakable® – external use only

the energizer insert and the mini energizer, side by sideThe Unbreakable - external use only

How to use it in your home, outside of the energy calls

  1. energize your space, especially around your computer
  2. energize cold/hot gel packs (not for your ice box!)
  3. give yourself energized enemas
  4. energize your bath water

How do you do that?

Buy one or two energizer inserts, energized with the Unbreakable®

Use the insert to energize your environment, by itself or energize large quantities of water (in a pot, in a tub, and drop in the gel pack, your shampoo, your skin lotion, for example to energize with the water. Needs 12-24 hours to fully transfer the energy from the insert to the water.

Do not drink the Unbreakable: it is too strong and doesn't taste good. Is it harmful? No. Is it helpful drinking it? No.

Same price as the Energizer Insert, but you need to specify that you want it energized with the Unbreakable®

Please do not mix and match different vibration items... I will need to ship them separately, they also need to be kept at a distance.

4 thoughts on “The Unbreakable® – external use only”

  1. Sophie, I have the Unbreakable pitcher insert that has a vibration of 850. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and love it. The new small 2 oz bottles only have a vibration of 650. How much difference will the be between the 2? The 2 oz would do more water at a time and is less expensive but will I notice a difference in healing, energy etc with a vibration that is 200 less?

    1. Noelani, you have the 650 inserts. I have only made 2 inserts with 850, for Henry for his underground water storage.
      The 850 is not for drinking.
      So the mini energizers are the same as the insert, but about 3 mini energizers would fill the insert. But because they are entirely surrounded with the water to be energized, they work faster
      Higher than 650 is not good to drink

  2. How much distance is necessary between the energizers and pitcher? I had never considered until now that the unbreakable could delete my charged water pitcher…both are essential!

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