Low Vibration? High Vibration? What’s The Difference?

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What is Low Vibration? What is High Vibration? Is it really vibration? Why should I have one rather than the other? Really?

These are very smart and relevant questions. Don’t be fooled by hype, don’t be intimidated by the psycho-babble of high vibration and all that crap. 1

First off, no one knows what they are talking about. I don’t know either. But when I open my mouth or write, what comes out is not what I know, but what Source is telling me.

What people are talking and writing about is Tree of Knowledge (i.e. man-made knowledge, from the limited perspective of the human mind).

Let’s first look what’s wrong with Tree of Life knowledge? Let me count the ways… lol

  1. it is not coming from the expanding mindset.
  2. it is rehashing, recycling information that probably wasn’t accurate in the first place, and then taken out of context it is definitely not accurate.
  3. it is made palatable and easily assimilable, so it is easy to sell to “seekers” for money. But it doesn’t do anything to you or for you other than make you dumb, poor, sick, and miserable.

I could say that that is a very low-vibration thing, both on the side of the seller and the buyer, but then I am using the term I intend to attack… so let’s call it low-life, ok? Harsh? Yes. True? Yes.

Let’s look at vibration and let’s look what people call vibrational state in the “New Age” world.

First off, we have heard that everything is vibration. I am willing to consider that as a potential axiom 2

Bah, Humbug!… you say, but that is more Tree of Knowledge.

what if what we call Source, what you call God, is a low-frequency vibration that is through all, even in the vacuum, even in the spaces inside the atom, everywhere. And what if that vibration carries in it all information there is, and what if that vibration also connects us all?

What if that vibration is the source of all there is. What if that vibration is what you connect to when I encourage you to connect to Source?

It’s a low hum vibration. I have absolute hearing (I hear) and I can hear the pitch. It is a low hum… probably what created the “oooom” mantra. Low in volume and low in frequency.

What if that low vibration “thing” is intelligent, self-aware, and wishes to express itself more fully through you? Now we are cooking, right?  What if that is what consciousness is? or something similar… because who the heck knows what consciousness is… words words words… always at the root of misinformation, misguidance, misleading, taking you for a ride.

But returning to the so-called low and high vibration, they are a misnomer.

What do they represent? Low-minded, i.e. selfish, crude, rude, stuck in the mud, angry, pleasure-oriented, trivia oriented, immediate gratification, taking from another what belongs to the other… we could fill a page just with more words that fit well with low-minded.

High-minded? we are not so familiar with. And even what we know is all Tree of Knowledge stuff, like self-sacrificing, service, giving, and the like.

So, if you really wanted to know what is the Tree of Life interpretation of high-minded, you wouldn’t ask another human, unless you are sure that they will speak from the moment of connecting and “channeling” Source’s interpretation.

Because so many people ask this question, (including my assistant, and I’ll do anything for him,) I am going to prepare an activator that will download Source’s interpretation of high-minded, so you can have it.

I will test the activator first, and when it is ready, I’ll post a download button in the sidebar. I’ll probably make you pay for it. Hey, it is high minded to ask value for value. How do I know it? Source has told me. This has been 50% of the topic of our conversations lately.

Yet, Source discouraged me from creating mass traffic, creating weekly paying webinars, etc.

If making you pay for the value that you receive, why wouldn’t be more even better? Great question, right?

So far I haven’t gotten the full answer yet. So far I have received one message clearly: “Grow it slowly! It is not ready!”

And it isn’t. As my vessel grows so grows my ability to do bigger and better things. Like creating an activator that will “implant” high-minded in you… on all levels. Now, that’s high vibration… lol

Pitcher to energize water with entrainment P.S. There is such a phenomenon that is called “entrainment”. Entrainment is probably a vibrational phenomenon, where one object with a certain energy lifts the energy of another object to come closer to its energy level. (Which is probably what we mean by vibration, by the way, the energy something has.) For example I have been using and now selling a high-energy water that can entrain purified water to its energy level (really, only to its half) but even that energy level is life-affirming, while tap-water, bottled water, and even rain water is life-robbing.

Now, I don’t know if this is all bs or not, but the measure of this subtle energy is Bovis, as in Bovis Scale.

When I ask Source, the high energy (seed) water measures about 1,000,000 Bovis, and the energized water you drink is about half of that, compared to the tap-water of 4-5,000.

Now, this is all Tree of Knowledge. I don’t know the truth about it, but I can tell you two things: The water has kept me healthy and young looking for the past 16 years. And it sounds more accurate and less bs that the whole vibration view: After all, if you look, it is probably energy that we lack. Energy to keep growing and keep getting rid off what we don’t need.

Would you agree?

By the way, I asked Source if it could raise the energy of water to that same level, and I have been getting, consistently, a yes answer. How? By connecting and requesting Source to do it, and then witnessing as it’s done.

Update: in the past 3 years we’ve been using the Energizer audio to energize the water to a vibration of 650, the maximum water can be. Here is the link to buy the audio

Water Energizer Audio



  1. Here is an example or crappy misleading syrupy sales stuff: I have copied the whole article… it is a sales pitch, this whole vibration thing is used to sell something that will “raise your vibration,” maybe.

    Essential oils are a simple tool that helps a person expedite their re-programming to new and higher thoughts of health, abundance, success, happiness and love.

    Pure 100% YL essential oils used on a consistent basis will eat and break through the old crust/programming that has built up around our cells and begins making the cells new and healthier. Cells reproduce themselves between 90 to 120 days, by using the essential oils our old programming is replaced with healthier new programming, breaking away the crust of the old and allowing the new to be born and thrive. You will experience a drastic improvement in your mental, spiritual and physical self especially if you blend it with higher vibrational thoughts and affirmations.


    Human Brain – 72 -90mhz
    Human Body (day) – 62-68mhz
    Cold Symptoms – 58mhz
    Flu Symptoms – 57 mhz
    Candida – 55mhz
    Cancer – 42mhz
    Death Begins – 25mhz

    We are all vibrational beings. Everything has a vibrational frequency. You are a Magnet… If your vibration is low, you will attract low vibrational things, people, events, illness, etc. If your vibration is high, you will attract high vibrational things, people, events, health, etc. This is what you want…happiness, love, health, well-being and abundance.

    Negative thoughts lower your vibrational frequency by 12mhz
    Positive thoughts raise your vibrational frequency by 10mhz
    Prayer and Meditation raises your vibrational frequency by 15mhz

    Processed/Canned Food – 0mhz
    Fresh Produce – up to 15mhz
    Dry Herbs – 12 -22mhz
    Fresh Herbs – 20-27mhz
    Essential Oils – 52-320mhz

    One drop of EO is approx. 40 million-trillion molecules. We have 100 trillion cells in our bodies, but one drop of oil contains enough molecules to cover every cell in our bodies with 40,000 molecules. Considering that it only takes one molecule of the right kind to open a receptor site and communicate with the DNA to alter cellular function, you can see why even one drop or inhaling a small amount of oil vapor can have profound effects on the body, brain and emotions.

  2. added in 2014: but what seems to be true is that everything is a wave… energy, like light, like sound… a wave. And even when it’s a “particle” it is only for the purposes of the observer, but not really. I have no tools to prove that there is anything else. Especially because, as I hear, even though there is no thing to vibrate there, there is vibration even in vacuum. Actually, that is what we could call Zero Point Field, or “Source.”