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If you want to comment but you don’t want to be identified, you can do so by filling out the name as Anonymous or any invented name. The email address is not public, only I can see it.
comment anonymously on a blog
And this is how the published comment looks
anonymous comment

You see that this way you have the only risk, that I know who you are. If you can’t risk that, then please don’t comment, actually go away. I don’t want you on my site. No kidding.

You can also subscribe to my list, subscribe to be notified if someone else commented on the same post, and subscribe to my automatic notification system: it sends you an email as soon as I publish a new post.

Now you are safe… ooops, your story is safe. Your persona is safe.

4 thoughts on “Comment anonymously”

  1. Hello Sophie,
    Can you send me 2 of those 850 unbreakables to San Diego address please? I will use the 650s I have for water supply system and use the 850s for water cooler and fridge. Results are amazing cant wait to try these. Can you put amount on card? H

  2. Yep, Mexico, right there after, “Can you send me 2 of those 850 unbreakables to San Diego.”

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