Incomplete cycles list

Incomplete cycles

  1. Areas I started to clean and haven’t completed
  2. Thing I want for my house and not now have
  3. Things I want to throw away and haven’t
  4. Things I’ve wanted to buy and haven’t bought
  5. Things I’ve wanted to have and have been putting up with not having
  6. Things being worked on and not completed
  7. Things I want to start and I am not starting
  8. Things I want to change and am not changing
  9. Things I want to stop and not stopping
  10. Things I wanted to be and never been
  11. Things I wanted to do and never done
  12. Things I wanted to have and never had
  13. Things I wanted experience and haven’t
  14. Things I wanted to say and not said
  15. Anger I have had and not expressed
  16. My wildest fantasies are
  17. What I know about myself and no one else knows
  18. Forgiveness list: Who did it to me What they did is
  19. To be forgiven by list: to whom I did it is What I did What I need to do to resolve is From whom I am actively trying to conceal it
  20. Areas of my life I have given permission to myself to have everything
  21. Things I keep putting off
  22. Vacations I want to take and never took
  23. Places I wanted to go and never went
  24. Things I wanted to say and never said
  25. Things I wanted to study and never did
  26. Books I wanted to read and never did
  27. Changes I wanted to make and never did

Effectiveness Checklist:

  1. Area to be cleaned up
  2. Clean my house from top to bottom
  3. Clean my office and keep it clean
  4. Get my car clean and keep it clean
  5. Throw or give away what I don’t use of wear
  6. Get up to date on all my correspondence and communication
  7. Get rid of or fix anything that doesn’t work
  8. Return what I have borrowed or make an agreement about it
  9. Get back what I have lent or make an agreement about it
  10. Balance my check book and keep it balanced
  11. Be up to date with all my creditors
  12. Organize all my personal records and files
  13. Keep my tax information up to date
  14. Get my body in shape and keep it that way
  15. Get my wardrobe in shape and keep it that way
  16. Get my health in shape and keep it that way.

How to use this list:

  • Review at least once a week.
  • When you want to complete the item soon, transfer it to your calendar, i.e schedule it.
  • Abandon the items when you recognize that you aren’t going to do anything else about it. You simply say: I am not going to do this.

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