The Tree of Consciousness

Update: David Hawkins is dead. His daughter inherited his estate and is now makes his name and everything trademarked… Quite disturbing and stomach churning… Scarcity thinking. But of course… The vibration of this behavior is 100. And so is the science it protects. Low vibration, low consciousness.

This Tree of Consciousness by David Hawkins… is one of the main ways people are duped

It knows nothing about how emotions are created, how they are culturally maintained, and it is simply b.s… as in wrong, inaccurate, and misleading.

David Hawkins’ is a psychological approach to vibration: making far fetched assumptions from behavior. Although it may appeal to most people, it is a largely flawed approach, because it suggests that above a certain level you would not feel certain emotions. That is not true: emotions are there on every level of this map, but your reaction to them will be very different. You won’t wallow, you won’t get stuck in any emotion…

In reality, what the vibrational number measures is how much of reality you can see, accurately, including your own self. Accurately, I said, and that is the key word.

That is what I measure, because that is what decides how effective you are in life at attaining the good life in the four pillars of the good life: wealth (money), health, love and happiness.

Here is a link to a more detailed article on how I measure your vibration

The approach to what levels of vibration I recommend that you consider each level like a level of a building where you view life from. The higher the floor the more you can see the context, the big picture, cause and effect, and thus you are going to be able to make better decisions, and have a clearer picture of what you are dealing with. The world looks very different from a different height.

You will appear more confident, more calm, more intelligent, more considerate to other people, but more importantly, you will make less mistakes, will hesitate and worry less, and will be less affected by the moment to moment abrasiveness of the world.

The method I use to raise your vibration is a combination of a harmonious energy, I call Avatar State energy, and a distinction through which you tease out what is keeping you out of balance, out of harmony, out of being in sync with the Original Design, the harmonious magnificent being of a Human Being.

The audios (activators) do not work without your focus and noticing… except maybe the Harmonize Your Vibration audio, that has proven itself to raise people’s vibration even if they were largely unconscious…

Your best way to find a path is to send me a donation to check your vibration AND ask for the perfect activator for you… 80% of all people are able to raise their vibration… I hope you are one of them.

Here is the payment button for a donation of $15 or more… I will look what would be your next step to remove blockages and help you climb higher on the tree of consciousness.

But before you send me the donation… please read on, so I won’t return your money for I don’t work with anyone who didn’t do their homework…

Here is a link to a more detailed article on how I measure your vibration


How to raise your vibration?

Here are my four energetic tools to raise your vibration:

  1. Harmonize your vibration Avatar State Audio:
  2. The Unconditional Love Activator:
  3. The Heaven on Earth:
  4. The Energized Water:


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14 thoughts on “The Tree of Consciousness”

  1. I sent a donation of $2.oo and have not recieved my vibrational reading.

  2. Dear Sophie, I like your site. The articles are thought provoking and inspire me to look at things differently. I understand what you are saying. Thank you for providing this information. I’m amazed at the quantity you write! Alexis

  3. thank you Alexis.

    The secret of my productivity is that I don’t leak energy: I talk to two people a week, once to each. So anything that there is to say has to come out somehow, and it comes out in writing. No dispersing of energy.

  4. I went on link for vibrational check with paypal and it said problem with your end accepting payment at same time I got confirmation, so not sure what happened. Somewhere else you stated that I should specify what is my role or something like that, so please forward, thank you, love Susanne

  5. Hi,

    Im not sure if I ordered correctly. Registering isn’t working for me but PayPal worked.

    May I also have your suggestion for a path?


  6. I am sure you think it is some software program that does that… am I correct?
    Well, no software, no instrument can do that. You need a live true-empath… me. And I am busy right now.

  7. I sent the payment but did not receive the vibratzion analysis.
    Also what is J krishnamurti’s vibration number?

  8. im sorry but im saying this to help you grow as a person – if you level on conciousness was truly on a high enough level to be teaching others, you wouldnt put down david hawkins – you would acknowledge the greatness is what he did, not the inaccuracies – and you wouldn’t take peoples money to ultimately help humanity. my level of conciousness is higher than i care to mention and i feel that you should re-evluate your practice here. I wish you the best in life

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