World’s Most Important Quote For Non-doers, non-starters

World’s Most Important Quote For Non-doers, non-starters of All Time . . .

Put down that chicken wing . . .

If you’re driving or operating large industrial machinery, please stop for a moment.

This quote may come as a revelation to you so consider this your fair warning.

Before you hear this quote you must agree that you are physically fit and trained to hear the quote in the event of a problem.

You agree that you are solely responsible for reading this quote.

It is your responsibility to have your medical condition and level of fitness assessed by a doctor prior to hearing this quote.

Particularly if you’re in a job you hate, have more month at the end of the money, financially disabled, or have some other known condition with a lack of sales, leads and traffic.

If you agree, please scroll down at your own risk to view the World’s most important quote For procrastinators Of All Time.












‘It’s the start that stops most people’.

That’s it

It’s the start.

Do you get this?

NOTHING good in your life has or will happen to you until you START!

Just think about this quote for a second before you abandon this email.

It’s ALL about starting.

This is a companion article to the one on asking: does it work?

And maybe you’d want to also listen to the recording of a workshop I did on November 5…

Learn how to decide what doesn’t work
So you actually get what it is that your non-action, non-starting is costing you: a life that doesn’t work.

It’s not just how you feel about yourself, it is not just how you feel about your life… it is much more than that. It is that your life doesn’t work… you aren’t climbing out of the lowest level of the hierarchy of needs… making a living, being safe, etc.

And when you get what you are not doing, consider that starting is not enough, you actually need to take things to completion.

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