Remorse, regret, self-recrimination

Remorse is the ability to humble oneself and healthily repent for past mistakes ~ Ryan Fan

I remember being in a Landmark program, years ago, that railed against the 3 R’s… regret, resentment, and I don’t remember the third. But they were wrong.

I have more time nowadays, and I don’t hurry and run away from bad feelings.

Bad feelings are good. Really good. You should take time to hang out with them, and spend some time in their company.

They are cleansing. They are integrity restorer. They are good for you. They would be good for you to use them as a guidance system once you take the time to feel them.

One thing I notice in the partner calls in my Playground is that people cheerfully notice ‘desire to receive for the self alone’ in their stories, present or past, and they are OK with them. Continue reading “Remorse, regret, self-recrimination”

You are more afraid of sharks, Big Foot than of diabetes or living a humdrum life

One of the weakest parts and vulnerable functions of the human body is the part that processes carbohydrates… the pancreas.

Our diet, mostly carbs, sweets, juices, sweet beverages, candy, cakes, cookies, cow’s milk destroy our cells ability to allow sugars to be used… so they need to be dumped in fat… or they are poison… destroying the liver as well.

I have had several clients, interestingly mostly Europeans, who are pre-diabetic… and yet were unwilling to stop, unwilling to completely stop eating carbs, even though they didn’t feel well. Continue reading “You are more afraid of sharks, Big Foot than of diabetes or living a humdrum life”

Either write something worth reading, or be someone worth writing about

Actually, the original Ben Franklin quote is: Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing (about). Leave the world a better place than it was before you were born, because of your actions.

I didn’t think it was in me… so I settled for something small. I decided to plant a tree every year… there are too few trees in my humble but accurate opinion.

Then my landlord cut them, not all but most… and I got disheartened. Continue reading “Either write something worth reading, or be someone worth writing about”

How you fake your consciousness…

Your level of vibration closely correlates with your level of integrity. And the vibration of humans is dropping about 10 points a year…

I am working on the integrity workshop coming up in two days, and am starting to see why someone with less than 200 vibration is focusing on the actions, instead of the context.

The hallmark of low vibration is to see only what is visible… the obvious.

Not surprisingly the level of integrity closely matches the level of vibration… and trying to change the actions is an inefficient and ineffective way to integrity. Continue reading “How you fake your consciousness…”

Be Unreasonable? Huh?

A second phase activator, Being unreasonable came up on the first live session of the Second Phase Activator series.

There was a confusion on what the word means…

In the “pedestrian world” where we live, the word “unresonable” is used to mean pushy, grabby, going for it, and irritating.

Continue reading “Be Unreasonable? Huh?”

“Before you can change anything you need to understand why it is the way it is”

This article will be mostly about reading. Specifically why reading doesn’t fulfill its purpose with you…

Remember when I asked you if your life was empty? a week or so ago…

Well, when nothing is actually happening in your life, it feels empty.

Reading, fiction, in a certain way, fills your life up… because it allows you to live through the characters, go to places, experience what they experience.

I said: in a certain way. Wallace D. Wattles, a unique dude from more than a hundred years ago, used that expression… and, even though millions have read his “The Science of Getting Rich” no one has paid particular attention to the how, ‘the certain way’, except a woman whose name I still remember, Rebecca Fine. She started to teach ‘the certain way’…

But I promise, even though I have no actual facts, that people didn’t take to ‘the certain way’… because they still don’t.

MY teacher also teaches a certain way… while

Everybody is clamoring for the what, and only some even hear the how.

Continue reading ““Before you can change anything you need to understand why it is the way it is””

How do you measure success?

Some people who blog like me measure their success by how many people open their articles, how many ‘read’ them, how many ‘clap’ for them.

For me those are not the numbers I am interested to know.

I want to know how many people actually BENEFIT from what I write, from what I teach, from what I create. and I want to increase that number.

It’s a harder number to know, because

1. People lie

People lie to themselves, and then they lie to me… they (I just learned this expression) virtue-signal… they want to look good, they want to look important to me, they want to get the praise, the applause, whatever.

They are NEEDY.

2. People think that all they have to do is buy the darned thing… . Continue reading “How do you measure success?”

My my… my teacher’s predictions are coming true.

He has warned me, (not personally) that the big four, or however many they are, are eventually going to ban me, google, facebook, banking and email next…

Amazon didn’t ban me, it banned my products.

But recently I was booted off Facebook, and now, every email address that is connected to me and my business is refusing to forward the emails to my desktop… making it very cumbersome to do business.

My teacher and I match 70%. I didn’t say ‘fit’. I said ‘match’ or we are in essence the same or so similar, you can’t tell which one of us is speaking. Not necessarily the content… he would be mortified if what I say came out of HIS mouth… lol… and I would lose all my students and clients if what he says came out of my mouth.

We are similar in our how.

Most people I know are very dissimilar with me. To me? grammar anyone?

Last night I watched a sales presentation with famed guru Mark Joyner . In fact I stayed up past my bedtime. Continue reading “My my… my teacher’s predictions are coming true.”

Do you have enough energy to grow as a person?

The higher your integrity number the more ‘sensitive’ you are to your out-of-integrity… lack of integrity, your violation of your own integrity.

Several other areas of life you’ll find a similar, seemingly incongruent, reverse relationship between phenomena:

The more you know the more you know how little you know.
The smarter you are the more you know how not smart you are

Of course this is true in the reverse: the less you know the less you know how little you know.

I have just finished a three book series where there is time travel and three different timelines… historical timelines… Continue reading “Do you have enough energy to grow as a person?”

Dopamine rush, coachability and a Stradivarius violin

People with the same size brain are as different in what they can do, as a pop and mom store and Walmart, the company.

If we compare people with computers, which we can… we can do whatever the hell we want to do, can’t we? So when we compare these two things: a human and a computer, is the difference in what they can do in the hardware or the software?

Most people are trying to upgrade their hardware: eat right, sleep, get up early, smart drugs, blah blah blah.

When you look, the entire medical and scientific establishment also spends most of their resources on improving the hardware, making it serve longer, fix it (diseases)… and no one seems to pay any attention to what someone is going to do what that hardware.

Oh, and how will they do it, if they will do it?

Three things happened this morning that triggered this thought process. I’ll summarize in the end. Continue reading “Dopamine rush, coachability and a Stradivarius violin”