How Do Activators Work On The Personal Level?

this is the image of your subconscious that we stir up with the activators How do activators work on the personal level?

Activators interfere with the status quo. Depending on your disposition, it will wreak havoc immediately or later.

How does it work?

Imagine a covered sewer pit, whatever they call those in your back yard. Or imagine a compost pile. Both have stuff no one wants to look at... right?

Your subconscious is like that. Really. Nothing pretty there. Nothing smelling like roses.

I come along and I do a Wipe and an Implant.

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Questions and Answers:

Dear Sophie,

After last night's call, I have some questions for you.

-I wanted to ask you what you actually mean, instead of what I interpreted when you gave me soul correction + flaw. In terms of actually doing my soul work, what does it mean that I have Silent Partner and flaw of Pretense? (I thought I knew until I read one of the posts by aaron online). I suspect this will hurt like a band aid coming off to hear, but I'd rather find out exactly what you mean instead of thinking I know. Then I can go about catching it


Each character flaw is a pretense.

You are made of the same stuff as Source, and that is powerless beyond measure. You live in the world of scarcity, but that doesn't mean that your powers disappeared, they are limited by the physicality, that's all.

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On Authority, Or What I Learned From My Brother

no voice no authority On Authority, Or What I Learned From My Brother

My eyes are swimming in tears. Tears of recognition, tears of happiness.

Why am I so happy, you ask? Because I have turned a corner. A big one for me.

My brother, six years my junior, lives in Hungary. We were never really close. No one was close in my family. Holocoust survivor parents, all carrying memories of personal and racial horrors in their cells.

You never knew when they would blow up on you... it was totally unpredictable. I learned last night what's the mechanism: I am 65 years old and I hadn't known. Wow. 1

I last saw my brother in 1995. He came to visit me and he stayed 2-3 weeks, I don't remember how long. He'd just sold a house he built and was now building another one, and had a sudden cash influx; that's how he could afford to fly over to me.

At the time I was a magazine publisher and quite ill. He had headaches. I had none of the powers I have today: there was nothing I could do for him. Today I would know what to do... but I won't cry for spilled milk. 2

Later that year he lost one eye, the cause of his headaches, then lost his job due to his funny looks with the glass eye... life is unfair.

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A Personal Confession From Sophie: I Am In This With You… We Are In This Together!

we are in this together A personal confession from Sophie: I am in this with you... we are in this together!

I've been happy for no reason for a few days now. I have the glow about me that I can only compare to the glow of people being in love. I even caught myself wanting to call a person that I normally get irritated by... and ask them out for coffee... No reason, just because I am so happy.

Most "gurus" aka teachers teach from their head.

I have an ex-teacher of mine who teaches internet marketing. They have a whole system. Their students pay over six thousand dollars a year to learn their system.

They have no successful students. Not one. Why? because they don't teach what they do. In fact they don't do any of the things they teach. None of the things that make them money are even remotely related to what they teach. None of the mindset stuff they teach actually does...

They hope that what they teach will work some day.

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How To Be A Sacred Lotus: What’s The Secret Of People That Stay On The Path And Are Happy?

the sacred lotus is untouched by the rain, by suffering, by wretchedness and misery How to be a sacred Lotus, untouched by the rain, the suffering of others, the noise of others: what's the secret of people that stay on the path and are happy?

What is the reason you are pulled into everything, that you are trying to help everyone, that you are a do gooder? 1

When I ask people why they go out of their way to help people, they always have an answer. "I am good, I like people, I like to help."

But the truth is deeper and uglier than that.

Selfless means just that. You have no self. You have no center. You are empty inside. You have no home to come home to.

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: The Wipetheslateclean® Energy And The New Method Of Activation

with great power comes great responsibility for a spiritual teacher energy wielder With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It's a great sentence from Spiderman. I loved it. But I never thought it would say anything direct to me, not in a million years. I didn't have great powers.

Until about two weeks ago.

Suddenly every time I was to infuse Source energies into water or remedy mix, I would have this intense pain in my chest, that I identified as Mimulus: fear.

It would even prevent me from connecting to Source on a level where I can make commands... I would have to meditate for long minutes before it would let me go past it... Of course Heaven on Earth works fast too.

The action that precipitated this big wave of fear was the creation of the WipeTheSlateClean® energy.

Coming Clean

Now, here it is that I need to come clean: Every activation that we did before that time was good, was wonderful, but it was time consuming and the activations needed to be repeated to work. The results were often reversible. The activations were not permanent, not what I had promised. 1

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The New Label for The Heaven on Earth Energy Bundle in a Bottle

Finally I had a few hours for myself, so I whipped out my trusty old Quark Xpress that I hadn't used for 5-6 years, and designed a label for the Heaven on Earth Remedy...

heaven on earth in a bottle

Here is how it is. Would you comment below and tell me

  1. if you like it
  2. if not what you don't like about it
  3. if you think anything else should be on it, info, etc.

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Be Unreasonable

A second phase activator, Being unreasonable came up on the first live session of the Second Phase Activator series.

There was a confusion on what the word means...

In the "pedestrian world" where we live, the word "unresonable" is used to mean pushy, grabby, going for it, and irritating.

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Soul Correction: Order from Chaos

order from chaos by keeping your attention on the sky instead of the clouds, the lightening, the drama

Order from chaos


I had never had a piece of toast
Particularly long and wide
But fell upon the sanded floor
And always on the buttered side.

-James Pare

Anything that can go wrong, will.
-Finagle's Law of Dynamic Negatives

If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it.
-Edward A. Murphy. Jr. (Murphy's Law)

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Excited about tomorrow’s webinar? I am. It’s at 4 pm EST


Dear Sophie,

Read your love article- excellent- again, makes perfect sense

I'm exactly halfway thru the Wattles book, 1 I expect to finish it sometime tonight-

I saw that you have a webinar tomorrow/Saturday at 9 p.m. EST - yes, I remember the instructions about getting on early for downloading the software etc. so I can be on time-
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