Why Does Source Need A Human For Raising The Vibration Of The Planet?

In the past 36 hours, I have been torn between wanting to have MY life, MY work to be witnessed, and getting the work done.

When I looked at the failed attempts of Source finding a human to represent humanity 1 , this is what I find:

In order for a human to be able to complete the divine assignment of activating the Original Design on all humans on Earth, this human needs to transcend their desire to gain, through this activity

1. money
2. fame
3. notoriety
4. personal significance

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What will You Do when, in a few weeks, you wake up with a higher vibration and suddenly you see…

You’ll realize that you have been a slave, voluntarily, never resisting, never protesting, like sheep, like cattle…

Here is a video that drives that home…

I’ll tell you in another article what you will do, once you really get your power.

Watch this video. It’s dramatic, it’s vague, but what it says is true, though it is not the whole truth… the whole truth is worse.

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The Dark Side… What Can You Do About It?

The Dark Side… What is the Dark Side?

What I originally thought the Dark Side was, has, over time, gone through a lot of changes, from the mundane to the very sophisticated.

If you look, we have approximately as much information and clarity about the Dark Side as we have about the dark side of the moon… we can’t see it. We know it’s there… but what’s there?

Maybe it is like the flip side of good? Tasty? Fattening? Sexy? Hm… that’s a thought.

Dark Side. Maybe it is Evil, but what is evil? What is wrong with evil? what is wrong with killing, stealing, lying, cheating, poisoning the rivers, lowering the prices below the product’s value, owning all media and giving people what they want, bread and circus? What is wrong with being a politician only to sell out the people to whom you promised that you are going to be “from the people, for the people?”

Or what is wrong with yelling at your spouse and calling them names? Or your employees, or your children, or that knucklehead in the other car?

Or hiding the rotten apples under the beautiful ones in the basket at the farmers market?

ways of evil, ways of the dark side to assert power over another Dark Side. Evil, all that? The big and the small? Nearly everything we do these days?

You don’t know, do you? Even reading it feels bad (unless you are one of them, of course and then you smirk or outright laugh) but you can’t put your finger on it, why it’s evil, can you?

How about looking at it all through just one simple distinction: evil is seeking power over another. Or even more basic, in the language of ancient Kabbalists: the desire to receive for the self alone.

Hm, isn’t that what life is all about? Winning? No.

You see, the problem with seeking power over another is that it flies in the face of the Original Design.

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Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke Of Insight, Or The Hemispheres of the Brain Is The Cornerstone Of Peace?

the two hemispheres of the brain Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke Of Insight, Or The Brain Is The Cornerstone Of Peace

Jill Bolte personal vibration: 245
her story and teaching: 296
truth value: 235

What is the term for the passages between the two hemispheres of the brain? Anyone knows?

I have been trying to find out what is the proper word to use when I am talking about the two sides of the brain working together… what are those circuits that light up when you actually “be” as a full-brain individual, where your whole brain participates in your life at the same time, and you have your analytical capabilities and your “intuitive” capabilities informing your actions and your feelings at the same time, not either one or the other.

In my search I was lead to this brain researcher’s speech on TED

I remember seeing that video once before, and I remember feeling that it was hokey… but at the time I didn’t know why.

Can I say today? Let’s see if I can succeed… though the audience ate it up, and I am risking (as usual) to be very unpopular.

Let me start with its conclusion, which is the biggest b.s. I have heard in a long time.

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Track How The Activation Is Advancing

activating all the countries of the world: track the activation It my be interesting to you to track how the activation of the Original Design is advancing. I made a page where you can see the country name, the population, and whether it’s been activated or not. I consider adding the starting vibrational frequency as well… may be a lot of work though.

There are a lot of unanswered questions. Why does the activation done in the order that it’s done? Why activate and why now?

I will answer these questions as the answers will become clear to me.

For now, just have peace about the fact, that it’s getting done, and that it’s time.

The more relevant questions would be: Now what? What’s next? Now that your vibration will be (91% certainty only, the missing 9% are dark side and refused to be activated) 299. How will you use this new capacity to forward your life, to forward humanity? And the next question: how do you go higher?

The first question is for you to answer. You can get help, and I’ll make sure I’ll create something that can provide that service to you. The second question, how to go higher, will be answered in an upcoming program, where you will be able to, bit by bit, crank your vibration higher. I can’t do it for you. That will be up to you to connect to Source, request the upgrade, and live it.

I’ll publish it here when I am ready to invite you to participate in the second phase of the World’s activation: in your own “ascension”. It’s a very conscious and a very enjoyable process, I am speaking from experience.

Let me know how you are feeling, and how I can help you by commenting below.

Case Study: Wallace D. Wattles, Dark Entities Dressed in White Robes, 100 to 7 Billion

Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace D. Wattles, Dark Entities Dressed in White Robes, 100 to 7 Billion

Wallace D. Wattles personal vibration: 735
The Science of Getting Rich: 675
The Science of Being Well: 350
The Science of Being Great: 510

Wallace D. Wattles is an obscure writer, who came from obscurity, was visible for 3 years and then died.

We know very little about his life, other than a short letter by his daughter after his death, and his writings.

We don’t know what happened that he went from poverty to riches, from low vibration to high vibration.

Unfortunately, though his writings are some of the closest descriptions of how it really works (I mean Life and the Universe), Wallace D. Wattles is also one of those teachers that never really mention that how they got there: by connecting to Source in a two-way fashion.

I can see it, I can read it, but even I could not see it until I got clear, through my own conversations with Source, that connecting to Source is the missing ingredient in all teachings.

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Activating Your Original Design: What to Expect?

Full Activation of Your Human Design

In light of the test subjects that received their activation one-on-one and in the Tangerine state (theta) I am starting to see some startling things that can be expected after your full activation.

activation of your Original Design Although, your experience may be different, especially if you got your activation as part of mass download, it is still very educational to know what will happen. It will be probably slower, and maybe gentler, but I wouldn’t bet on it. 🙂

1. Imagine the amount of debris that has accumulated in your circuits (nadis) in your lifetime, and in the lifetime of your ancestors. The image I’d like to offer is a waterpipe system. The holes in the pipes are filled with crust. The activation needs to blast that crust for the water (energy) to pass freely through that pipe. It’s a nasty job, and if you can imagine the pipes to be alive, as nadis are alive, it can be disruptive, it can be painful, it can be a lot like exorcism. Especially when you realize that you have about 10 billions of those pipes… and you do.

Looking at my own experience, I have vomited, I’ve had diarrhea, I have headaches, I had disorientation, I had temporary lowering of my intelligence, I had bursts of anger, I had fits of crying. I was accident prone for a few hours, my driving was bad…

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Journal Day 6, Entire USA Activated

I dealt with Dark Side intrusions all day. Finally I decided to cloak myself and stay quiet. Invisible, undetectable.

In the evening, after hours of procrastination, I activated the entire United States. I checked the vibration. 143. It will be interesting to see how fast or how slow it changes. And this is after activation of New York on Monday, and New Jersey yesterday. Very low… no wonder.

Central America was next. Starting vibration around 130.

China took a long time. They also had a very active first chakra region… but instead of animalistic, like India, it was aching. I don’t know what that is about, felt like it was reduced with a regulation… like in a mental institution: the patients are be drugged so they don’t act on their sexual urges. China starts at 120.

I went back and checked India. It is 100 today. I can only imagine how low it was yesterday when it started.

Oh, the whole world’s vibrational frequency is 102 today.

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Day 1-5 of Activation of All Humans on The Planet

activation of your Original Design Project: Full Activation of All Humans on Planet Earth
Phase 1
Target vibrational frequency: 299
Standard vibrational frequency before the activation: 151

From my journal:

Sunday morning I called N. in desperation. I felt alone, I felt desperation and hopelessness. It didn’t seem possible to cause a planetary shift even if I prepared a network powerful enough to support millions of people participating in it, at any one time.

As I was sharing with N. it occurred to me that maybe I have been looking in the wrong direction. Maybe I have already had the way.

I tested it on her, and by God it worked. She is the first person to ever experience full activation of the Original Design. Suitably she got really ill… darkness won’t give up easily.

I repeated the process with 3 more friends of mine, and at 10:30 pm I did it with myself.

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