Replace Procrastination With Action

With The Eliminate Procrastination Audio, You'll Begin To Melt Away The Resistance, The Fear, The Death-Wish And Will Finally Start Living Like A Person That Loves Life

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The problem of procrastination is that it masquarades as many things, never really allowing you to see that it is your death-wish that is the problem.

Believe me, I know what it's like: I used to be like you, and in certain areas I still am.

I needed help just like you. I left things pile up. I bought new underwear so I can postpone going to the laundomat another week. I held everything until it was literally not possible any more...

Much less fearful


I haven't stopped procrastinating yet, but I have made a list, and I feel good about it. I also feel that I am getting smarter, and much less fearful


Until, one day, I accidentally discovered that the audio I designed for the Planet actually started to unfreeze my ability to act...

  • You'll find yourself changing how you talk about your projects that you have been putting off
  • You'll find youself starting to see the big picture, remembering why you wanted to do it in the first place
  • You'll find yourself catching glimpses of the joy that living can be, for you!
  • You'll start feeling a gentle beat of ambition, the desire to create, the desire to live fully
  • You'll start to shake the dust off your old projects
  • You'll find yourself doing what was always difficult
  • With time, One-by-one, your backlog will disappear
  • You'll experience the joy and pride of being a producer

Your experience of being alive will change...

I Started Voice Training Again

Hi Sophie,

I've been looking into ambivalence and how I've played small and safe and decided to develop my voice where I can.

I called a voice teacher I have admired for a long time and I have a lesson on Monday. I feel "zingy." :oD

I looked for, and took risks today. I allowed myself to be vulnerable. I notice that taking the risks isn't as scary as the thinking of the taking them.

I also listened quite a bit instead of jumping in or even singing along. I observed and appreciated the people around me… it was really something… the scope of talent, the way people look when they're swept up in the music and the moment… so beautiful.


You'll get...

  • An approximately 1-hour long audio file in mp3 format.
  • You can play it on any audio device, including your computer
  • The more you play it the more it works
  • There are three 7-minute long effective periods on the audio so you can recover and raise your inner mobility gradually
  • It only works for you: the result depends on conscious desire to beat procrastination

The Urge To Do Bad Habits Has Lessened Considerably

I will keep on playing the Harmonize audio in the background. I also want to let you know that the urge to do bad habits ( drinking alcohol & smoking) has lessened considerably since i started listening more to the recording.

Thank you very much! I will stay in touch & when i have less negativity i would love to rejoin the group. Janelle
South Africa


Get a 2-hour video where I teach about procrastination and what causes it.

Feeling Much Better

Hi Sophie,

I wanted to tell you that I feel much better after I listened the audio. I am excited and grateful to you. I listen to it while I´m doing other things...


P.S. Check your email for download instructions. Email me your receipt if something goes wrong.

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