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To energize your water

Energizer pitcher: use it with suitable purified water, and purified energized water (or polar gel insert, below) in the chamber. I use these every day.
gel insert:
A mini mp3 player/speaker that accepts a micro sd card
I always buy Bluewave Lifestyle containers… occasionally the faucet goes bad, but other than that they are BPA free, strudy and still flexible, perfect to energize water in.
My experience is that simple 2-tier filters, one tier or stage to filter out mud, clay and other dirt type of impurities, and a simple carbon block as a second tier or second stage to filter out dissolved chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and bacteria, and amoeba
over the counter 2-stage filter It’s simple, it uses the readily available standard 10 inch replacement filters that are very reasonably priced.
2-stage undersink filterIt’s simple, it uses the readily available standard 10 inch replacement filters that are very reasonably priced. This is what I use. I have installed it twice myself, but unless you know plumbing, like I do, on a high amateur level, you’ll screw up.
Here are the filters you must buy separately and the tool to tighten the housing once you install the filterI am trying to create a bundle to make it easier for you… Please let me figure it out.10″ debris filter
10″ carbon filter
over the counter filter housing
wrench to tighten setup
wide mouth water container with spigot
Small water bottles used as chargers in big bottles


A book (Love 2.0) I am not going to read, instead I’ll read a book of a conversation the author has about the book
the history of the Scottish people: How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe’s Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It
In his book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg describes keystone habits as, “small changes or habits that people introduce into their routines that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives.
This end of the workday journal session need not be as long as the morning session. Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism, recommends writing far less than you want to — only a few sentences or paragraphs at most. This will help you avoid burnout.
ground breaking new book “Feelings” by Margoczi the help that you can get to feel your feelings.
In a book I read, Sharon Moalem: Survival of the Sickest: The Surprising Connections Between Disease and Longevity (P.S.) (Truth value: 30%) I learned a thing or two about the virus that uses your body to accomplish its only purpose: spread its genes wider.
I am reading letters by Seneca, a Roman philosopher. It’s enjoyable. He gives you all the answers. He does all your thinking for you. He leaves nothing out.
Neal Stephenson's Interface is eerily real todayRead the Neal Stephenson novel, Interface I also have it on the subscribers only paid site
If you read the story of and Jeff Bezos you would see what that behavior is that needs Jeff Bezos to have thirty capacities firing at the same time.
Every book is an opportunity to shatter my view of the world. And many do. Sometimes not directly… sometimes through the effect the book has on other people.This is what is happening with this book I am currently reading, The Upside of Your Dark Side. And previously with the book “Curious
For example I just finished reading a book, Think Like a Warrior: The Five Inner Beliefs That Make You Unstoppable… (Discover the five inner beliefs shared by the world’s greatest achievers.)
I already had the book 4 that enlightened me, for about 3 weeks, but finally I got to reading it.I found that I have had, since birth, a condition, called GAPS. 5 It can be fixed, and it may take two years, but it will be done. And it will be worth it. I’ll talk about it more later…
I just finished a book, Stumbling on happiness… and I learned things I did not expect to learn. It’s in the members’ area…
The book, Freedom to Live, The Robert Hartman Story
Byron Katie writes in Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

Human culture is known to favor one side of ambivalence and vilify the other.

The book Pendulum says, this goes in cycles, predictable cycles.

Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise. I am reading it because I want to be able to teach my students better, so they can leave behind the level of ordinary school learning, the pedestrian learning that always produces pedestrian result.
Alan Turing‘s, the breaker of the Nazi’s Enigma code, the inventor of the computer, theory on morphology on the different stripes and spots on animals…
When I first read Osho’s book, Rebellion, Revolution and Religiousness, I actively worked on understanding.
If you haven’t read the Mind Parasite, read it.
It is not your fault that you don’t know how to learn. It is not your fault that you have never developed the skill.
neal stephenson cobweb Neal Stephenson’s Cobweb… one of my all time favorites that taught me an awful lot about humans.American English is intentionally (?) keeping people dumbed down. I guess it is easier to manage sheep than people. In the Neal Stephenson book I read, you can find out why and how…
Self-diagnosis for Bach Flower Therapy
dr. Selye) wrote it in his discovery: there is stress and there is distress.
One of my favorite books is Seth Godin’s ‘All Marketers Are Liars
The test that shows what really happens in your body is called RBTI
They learned correctly, because I taught them body flex. They didn’t learn from a book or from a video, they learned from an empath (which I didn’t yet know at the time). An empath feels what you are doing with your muscles, and can guide you.
the-journeys-of-socrates or how to develop your will and your attention to raise your vibration One of the best descriptions of the training of a warrior I have ever come across is in the book “Journeys of Socrates” in the part where he is in the monastery, and Father Serafim, a warrior turned Eastern Orthodox monk teaches our hero how to fight.
 You can get it in print format and in kindle on Amazon
make sure you get the workbook as well.
But we know it’s possible, it is even possible to see with your chest, hear with your skull, so you can definitely learn to look with your awareness. 6The brain that changes itself by Norman Doidge
I am reading a book and I am fascinated and appalled at the same the mind is used to hook you and enslave youThe book is called The Power of Habit
the art of soaring. the renaming course I am teaching this to my class, and when the recordings are ready, I will offer them for sale so you can learn it.It’s wonderful. And although it is written in a book, The Art of Soaring, the authors there don’t explain the technique, instead just bring examples… but I explained them to the class… so you won’t have to guess.
Your best bet is to buy a book on Bach Flower Remedies: I like the books by Mechthild Scheffer and Stefan Ball. I, personally, nowadays, always refer to Mechthild Scheffer‘s book: it speaks the language I resonate with: I read it and feel the feeling associated with the flower… perfect for me. Which means, to me, that I find her the most “Tree of Life” and the others Tree of Knowledge… i.e. they got to their conclusions through thinking, not connecting.
A lot of people are amazed that I can write three long articles five day a week… that is my standard production.Do you know what is the difference between me and them? I bet you can’t even guess… lol.Unless, of course, you have read the book by Seth Godin, Poke the Box
you can still get my book on amazon. if you don’t have a kindle, send me your receipt and I’ll send you a pdf. here is the link to amazon: my amazon book for 99 cents: The Grand Experiment. I will be grateful and you’ll be able to feel better about yourself.
The 67 step program by Tai Lopez I get a commission if you buy through this link


Hemp: reviewed in

hemp powderHemp Powder:

or hemp kernels

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