YOUR Soul Correction

FREE PDF! Calculate what is YOUR soul’s purpose … ($47 Value)

or you can ask me to do it for you…

“A donation of $15 and the year/month/day of your birth will get you an email from me with your soul correction. You can send more if you feel compelled. It will make you feel good, and start you on raising your vibration and maybe even your soul correction. But if you are a professional giver: just the opposite. No kidding. Thank you.

let me measure your vibration

Read some of the articles on Soul Correction. The actions of soul correction reliably raise your vibration: you earn your vibration!”

“Do you need to change to raise your vibration?”
“There is no requirement to force change.
You will naturally change though when you are good and ready.
That is what the natural result of doing the Bach Flower Energies (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) will do for you. To get you good and ready, so you will want to change.

Whether it is the Bach Flower Remedies, or the “Heaven on Earth” energies, same exact results.

  1. Soul Mates
  2. Memories
  3. Diamond in The Rough
  4. Building Bridges
  5. DIALING GOD: the Hornbeam personality
  6. Diamond in The Rough
  7. ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH aka the settler for less, the procrastinator
  8. Farewell To Arms
  9. Fearless
  10. Fertility. Fertility or infertility as a spiritual phenomenon
  11. Finish What You Start
  12. Global Transformation
  13. Order from Chaos
  14. Removing Hatred
  15. Revealing The Dark Side, in yourself
  16. Sharing The Light, Sharing the Flame
  17. Speak Your Mind
  18. Stop Fatal Attraction
  19. Trust But Don’t Be Stupid!
  20. Circuitry
  21. Silent Partner
  22. The Big Picture
  23. Revealing the Hidden
  24. Sexual Energy
  25. Jealousy
  26. Forget Thyself
  27. Speaking the Right Words

Soul Correction Assistance:

Read my article that explains it the clearest what the action of soul correction is

1. Activating DNA capacities, abilities directly effective at your soul correction and raising your vibration.
2. Assisting you to make those capacities, abilities real in your life
3. Assisting you to actually do your soul correction work

10 thoughts on “YOUR Soul Correction”

  1. ye gods sophie, is it possible to have all of above soul corrections? what a heavy load!

  2. Hi Sohie,
    When I click on Donate for the Soul Correction I don’t see any field available to put in my year/month/day of birth.

  3. Sophie
    cannot find the link comment where I asked for a soul correction,
    you misunderstood, not asking you to do,this for me, happy to pay but for some reason cannot locate where on your site to do this

    in gratitude

  4. Very happy to say that for 3 days since I found your site Sophie I am reading article after article like Alice falling through the rabbit hole – such a plethora of work, I am extremely grateful to All that is for assisting me to your site. It is refreshing to hear such a straightforward clear voice in a sea of deceptive woo woo wonk wonk.

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