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7 thoughts on “Subscribe”

  1. Hi

    How do i start, how do I connect with my concouisness, how do I train myself to vibrate at the right frequency as the univers

  2. Nelson, how many of the posts did you read on this blog? I hope you don't think that someone can do your reading and then just tell you what you want to know?

  3. Hi Sophie, trying to subscribe to your newsletter/blog..when I clicked on subscription it took me here

  4. Hi Sophie, I am already subscribed as far as I can see .Very honest disclosure, deep trauma !! Brave work , and yes determination of steel by sounds of it .
    I am reading your posts , real good , still doing my own practices , plus using your love audio , volunteering to bring mother meera (another Avatar !!!) to ireland so were busy for next month, but im keeping in touch witha lot of your postings , thank you, James

  5. Hi Sophie just would like to say I really like your teachnigs thank you.

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