What is the difference between others’ methods and mine?

What is the difference between most people’s, programs’ approach to helping people, and mine?

I spent the past day studying, listening to several books, articles on how to cause ‘stuff’ and what struck me is that every approach, every method was valuable, except… Except they were fixed.

Once a human finds something that seems to be working, on a small scale, on themselves, for example, they get stuck… now they teach that, and don’t go beyond.

Whether it is about how to get rich, how to conquer fear, how the mind works, how to become the obvious expert, how to make marketing effective, etc… they stop probing deeper, and they teach what they had gotten.

I just listened to an essay on the fallacy of obviousness… on the theory that won the Nobel Prize in economics for Daniel Kahneman. Continue reading “What is the difference between others’ methods and mine?”