April fool…

The Hungarian saying about April Fool is ‘April’s fool, May’s stupid ass’

But when you look closely, the human mind makes us an April fool all the time.

I look out the window. the trees are covered with snow.

What does this mean? This is the first question any human asks, isn’t it? What does this mean?

Nature is probably aware that it’s April Fool’s Day, and it speaks of two sides of the mouth: the bottom of the sky says: warm weather is coming. the trees and the dark clouds say: winter is here to stay.

When I left Hungary back in 1982, I drove a tiny Italian car that had the size of wheels like a toy car, so it made me feel every pebble on the pavement, it was talking to me through my butt.

Had I asked what this meant, had I come up with the most plausible answer, I would have turned around, and said: what i know is better than the unknown… Continue reading “April fool…”