What does this video, rescuing a drowning baby elephant, can teach us?

Some people, a mighty few, make things happen… some watch/observe it happen, and the majority asks: ‘what the heck happened?’ or alternatively has a story that is inaccurate. Because it is not that easy to see what actually happened…

Yesterday I saw a video of how two mature elephants rescued a baby elephant that fell into a pool.

I watched the short video several times. It is not so easy to see exactly what they did… But after 3-4 times, maybe even more, I saw exactly.

The mother was trying to do mother things… ineffective… had she continued doing that line of actions, the baby would have died.

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You need to ask this question: Are you Frank or Matt when it comes to your Self-Actualization: Becoming all you can be…

Frank and Matt: the two types of spiritual seekers

I am republishing this article from four years ago… because even though it doesn’t say “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” it is about that…

Frank and Matt… the two archetypes of seekers in all areas of life. relationship seekers, weight loss, prosperity, mindset, spirituality… seekers are seekers!

I got an email in my inbox from a marketing teacher of mine today.

I liked the subject line. I followed the link. I found a fascinating article.

It is about marketing, or better said, two types of marketers, two types of seekers of success, one is “Frank” the other is “Matt”.

Frank and Matt are two different types of marketers. But…

The idea of Frank and Matt fits “seekers” to a T. Seekers are exactly matching the two types, they are like Frank and Matt: grabbing for a quick fix or building a path… so I want you to put aside your distaste for marketing and business, and I want you to go over to that site and read it. I mean read every freaking’ word on it. Map it on yourself. See yourself. Get justified or find out how and why you have been mislead.

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The Wise, the Foolish, and the Evil test

necessary-endingsThe personality test that tells you if you can grow, and if you can benefit from working with me.

I have been at my wits’ end for years now.

Today I found out what was missing…

Remember the wise saying: when something is not working, there is something you don’t know.

More often than not, what you don’t know is a distinction… and it was definitely true in my case.

I have been making the mistake of coaching and dealing with my people as if they were me… like me… similar to me.

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I tried it once and it didn’t work — pretending to want a better life

good bye survival modeThis is another article using Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo for today.

They say: every journey starts with the first step, and no one listens.They say: “I can remove your blockages to action, I can remove the fear…” and you flock to them… them “gurus”.

Are you stupid, or something?
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Lead your life with your strength

benjamin-buttonIn this article I introduce the antisocial idea, that you are important enough, your time, your life is important enough to be used for something that you are good at and enjoy doing it.
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Low vibration? Here are some clues why that is… Updated

Summary: people don’t understand why their vibration is so low… in spite of all the work they have done on themselves, or the positive outlook they have on life, a life of making a difference, meditation, etc. Here are some of my answers…

  1. You live in and through your mind. You are curious, you ask a lot of questions, you amassed a lot of Tree of Knowledge type knowledge, and you feel secure in the world. You may have even achieved some success… But you are out of touch. Out of touch with your body, out of touch with your emotions, out of touch with reality. You don’t have the capacities of an Expanding Human Being, and you are not interested in becoming one. The price (all that “knowledge) is too much for you.
  2. Everybody is surprised to hear that Canada’s vibration is not friendly to my products, and that people from Canada have lower vibration on average than the rest of the world.

    Canadians themselves are offended… From their point of view, they are the highest vibrating, most friendly, most moral, highly socially conscious people on the planet.
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Soul Correction and sexuality

natural selection vs. interference with natureSoul Correction and sexuality

This topic is just beginning to emerge for me, so expect some changes, and wild turns, and summary statements reversed… but yet it is worth exploring, it is worth to take this winding road to discover the connection, and do some soul-searching as to what I really hold true, and also to meditate what the “Original Design” holds as ideal blueprint for a human… Big task, but I am up or it.

I am going to examine it through three soul correction archetypes, for now, Forget Thyself, (34) Soul Mates, (28) and Sexual Energy (35).

I am starting to see enough of these to be able to say something that may make a difference. I am also tempted to pull in “Speak Your Mind” (25)… we’ll see. Don’t hold your breath.

OK, let’s begin… big sigh, fear, oh, what the heck, the worst can ever be is the article won’t be publishable, lol.

OK, First let’s look what’s this sexual energy is… well, from its name it should be clear: it is an energy. It is a drive.
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Soul Correction, Doing The ‘Work,’ And Other Mystical Stuff Answers The Questions: How Do You Get Hurt? How Do You Hurt Others?

the leopard can't change its spots
Soul Correction, Doing The ‘Work,’ And Other Mystical Stuff Answers The Questions: How Do You Get Hurt, How Do You Hurt Others?

One of the “archetypes” of false beliefs is ignoring past behavior.

I once had an employee. 50 years old woman, two children, in the midst of a divorce drama.

The story was that some 30 years earlier she was on her way to New York City on her daily commute by bus. A good-looking man approached him and they started to talk. By the time they got off the bus together she knew that unless he got married by the end of the day, he would have to go to prison to serve a long sentence for fraud.

By the end of the day they were married.

In the next 25 years he provided her with a good living and two beautiful daughters.

At that point he met this cult person, a beautiful woman, started a relationship, and left my employee for her. The cult was into some kind of fraud: I never quite understood what they did, but it had to do with jewelry and selling at flea markets: pretty much the thing our fraudster was an expert at.

He filed for divorce and left my employee without any kind of financial means or support.

My point is that my employee expected her husband to behave differently after they got married, than before, and differently with her than with others.

No such thing. How you do anything is how you do everything. You can pretend for a short time, but the real you will come out eventually.

This is what the fairy tales of Aesop and others try to teach; the scorpion or the fox, archetypes themselves, won’t change their spots… (I think originally it’s about the leopard and its spots… but you know what I mean, I hope.)

Soul correction is about your leopard spots. It’s about your fundamental relationship to life.

You constantly need to vigilant to catch the “spots” in any state of readiness to strike.

And if you are the other person, the partner: your job is to know yourself and know your partner.

you need to do your due diligence If you get hurt, it is your responsibility. Not like you should blame yourself: if you do, you will find that blaming yourself is one of your “spots.”

If you blame the other: then that is you “spot.”

If you blame life, human nature, then… you guessed it, that is your “spot.”
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