I don’t know if you know the feeling…

…when someone, finally, out of the blue, comes into your life and gives you what you haven’t been able to get from anyone, even though you have been trying and trying and trying… in vain.

And then you feel love. No, I mean LOVE… if I could I would make the letters as big as a house. Love. really.

You see, my soul correction, “Forget Thyself” instructs me to listen to someone smarter than me, so I don’t have to learn everything the hard way, but, of course, listening to the instructions is not part of my soul correction, in fact the opposite of it.

So all my life, all the 72 years, I have been a somewhat dumb person, making mistakes of my own design, all the while hopping for someone I can trust to guide me. Continue reading “I don’t know if you know the feeling…”

Stopping something harmful is more potent than starting something useful

I didn’t know what willpower was, I didn’t know I had it until this afternoon.

I was reading an incredibly interesting book, by Ben Settle, and eccentric copywriter and marketer…

In the book, Super-Villains of Persuasion he talks about the ten characteristics that make a person a super persuading person… even without becoming a villain.

The tenth characteristic of virtue is willpower.

Turns out what I have been calling TLB is in fact the same thing as willpower.

I am going to quote from the book… with my personal notes Continue reading “Stopping something harmful is more potent than starting something useful”