When your successes are temporary and your failures always return… The anchor to doom attachment

living on the edge of doomThe anchor to your doom attachment

What gives it away is the implied inevitability. The language. That it’s always, or never.

Like I am never going to be successful. Stings. Hurts. My eyes are watering. I scramble to avoid it, fight mightily, only to give up after a while and resign… burn, and get up from the ashes like a phoenix bird… This has been the story of my life. Horrid.

Now, imagine free falling towards the Earth, accelerating. Your language, I guess: I am going to die. I am going to be pulped by the impact.

Imagined it? Now imagine that I order you to pay attention to the weather, to the shape of the clouds in the sky.

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Can Karma put a cord or attachment on you?

karma dominates youIf you believe in Karma

Karma (in Hinduism and Buddhism: the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.) is an action that, according to Indian philosophy, needs to be countered with another action.

There is good karma and there is bad karma.

Karma is a method to imprison you. Imprison? Yeah… Truth be told: A good action doesn’t balance a bad one, and no matter what you do, a bad action is a bad action. Done. Over. Next.

Karma acts on you like an energetic attachment. Not the action, no. The belief of karma energetically attaches yourself, anchors you and leaches your aliveness.

Karma is a lot like the national debt: it cannot be worked off, paid off, by design. You are always in debt, and that’s that.

This whole inquiry started from a recent insight I had: that people from India or Pakistan, originally or still live there, have disproportionately more attachments than “normal” people with different belief system.

What creates the attachment? It is a strong emotional connection, in Karma’s case.
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Announcing: “My secret weapon” webinar

Sophie Benshitta Maven webinarNow that a bunch of you have bought my Secret Weapon, the Big Bundle of energies 1 The purpose of this article is to announce the WEBINAR I am forced to do to let you feel the energy and teach you to use it correctly.

So, announcing the Big Bundle webinar.
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John Assaraf review, especially his Winning the inner game of money

john-and-maria-assarafI review a lot of gurus and teachers… I reviewed John Assaraf, a money guru, almost three years ago.

I connect to the person and muscle test numbers, feel their emotions and intentions… and draw conclusions from my findings.

Winning the inner game of money is the course John Assaraf is offering nowadays. Should you buy it? Will it suddenly enable you to make money in spite of yourself?

John Assaraf personal vibration: 140
truth value of what he teaches: 7% That means that 93% of what he teaches is either just not true, or a lie.

Law of Attraction people say that you have to be on the vibrational level of the thing you want… But truth be told, most people, including John Assaraf, are low vibration… and therefore, maybe, I am guessing, he needs to sell b.s. to make the money he makes.

Do you want to see what is missing for you to be able to generate the amount of money you deem sufficient? What you say you want?

Ask for your Starting Point Measurements… The numbers will guide you and let you see what you need to do to raise your vibration… I explain it at the end of this article…

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Osho: Self-knowledge is the most difficult thing – because you are scared to know about yourself

Osho on self-knowledgeYesterday I wrote about the “nut” that unless you break it and see what’s in it, your life will be lived out in the misery of duality. There is help available, here, because you need someone who is ruthlessly compassionate.

Of course you want someone who’ll console you, who’ll coddle you, but if you really want to get to the other side of it, and start the process of becoming real, you need someone who doesn’t buy into your fantasy about yourself, that even you know it’s a fantasy.

I, honestly, don’t expect any of you to be ready. It’s not a rate thing, I could offer it for free, and you wouldn’t be interested enough to come.

The Playground was a long version of this process, and a total of three-four people attended regularly. Of course there I didn’t tell people what was required of them… maybe I didn’t really know… I only realized the significance after 2-3 months passed.

Here is an Osho talk, talking about this exact topic. Enjoy.

Self-knowledge is the most difficult thing – not because it is difficult, but because you are scared to know about yourself. A deep fear exists. Everybody is trying to escape, escape from himself. This fear has to be understood. And if this fear exists, whatsoever you do will not be of much help. You may think that you want to know yourself, but if this unconscious fear is there you will continuously avoid, you will continuously try to hide, deceive. On the one hand you will try to know yourself, and on the other hand you will create all sorts of hindrances so that you cannot know.

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Osho: Self-knowledge is the most difficult thing

Osho and self-knowledge

People ask my why I discontinued the Playground.

After all I loved that program… so why not continue indefinitely.

Two reasons: 1. There were only four participants. But that is not enough reason. 2. The Playground is a knowing yourself program, but knowing yourself needs to be done by you, not by me. People kept coming, but they didn’t continue the work of getting to know themselves at home, in their own time… So all that “self-knowledge” work I did with them was wasted.

Why? Because stronger forces won… You’ll see in this amazing talk, 40 years ago by Osho.

What’s wrong with my Wife?
29 August 1974 am in Buddha Hall THE NINTH SAYING


Self-knowledge is the most difficult thing – not because it is difficult, but because you are scared to know about yourself.

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More on Osho

Vortex Water vs Energizer Water energized with the Energizer® energy; What is the difference?

scalar2There is a difference.

What causes water’s low energy, water’s incoherence, is the little water spouts around impurities…

Just like you, your water is ADD, maybe even ADHD. Distilled water has more water spouts, so it is more incoherent even than tap water purified with primitive filters.

ADD and ADHD, in this connotation means that the water cannot pull it together, it is all over the place, it is confused, and it is hapless.

It may be strange to say that water is hapless, but that is how water feels… as an Empath I can tell you that. Starts and stops, attention span of a fly.

When you put incoherent water in your body, all hell breaks loose…

…even if you weren’t ADD before, it actually makes YOU incoherent, hapless, starts and stops… all over the place.

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New post on the healing blog about fructose… and what it can do to your teeth, your throat, your voice, your esophagus

fructose rashI had this insight in that theta brain state in the morning when I was about to wake up…

I have been struggling with acid reflux. It started about three weeks ago when I started to enjoy some jam on my toast again in the morning.

I forgot why I’d stopped using anything that has fruit in it… the fructose! duh.

But then, in this half dream half awake state, the insights came.

I have a client who can only whisper, because his vocal cord got damaged…
And there is this other client who has a tumor in his throat…

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Turn your face to the light… avoid the darkness, avoid the shadow

Keep-your-face-to-the-sun-and-you-will-never-see-the-shadows.-Helen-KellerI didn’t put this quote first, because I agree with it. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. All the light that is coming to you is lurking in the shadow, just waiting for you to find it… but, human nature, knee jerk reactions rob you of your birth right… And you end up living an empty life with no light… Ooops… This is what this article is designed to remedy.

Thank you for your concern all of you that were too afraid to send me an email, a message, good energies, your good wishes.
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