What didn’t I know that can finally help you to break through?

what is it that you don't know?When something is not working, there is something you didn’t know

In the movie, The Truman Show, Truman lives in a ‘bucket’ of a world, that is in essence a movie stage. He doesn’t know it… For a long time life works, until it doesn’t.

For a while he doesn’t know why it is not working… and then he finds out that he lives in a bucket of a world. Then his overwhelming desire is to live in a bigger world…

A bigger world where he is allowed to love the woman he loves. This desire gives him courage to go beyond everything he knows…

I have a few very loyal students who haven’t been able to move, who haven’t been able to move beyond their bucket… So why are they loyal? Because their lives are too limiting, because they still HOPE they can get beyond… beyond their big stop. But they haven’t gotten enough courage to move beyond.

What do I mean ‘big stop’? Continue reading “What didn’t I know that can finally help you to break through?”