Integrity: The Key To A Life That Is Working. Peace Of Mind, Accomplishment, Satisfaction, And Happiness

When I measure your integrity, it is low. The average integrity of people on this planet is 3%…

Integrity is the relationship between your word and your actions, your beingness, your attitude… Full integrity is not available on the level of homo sapiens because of the way homo sapiens relates to words… while on the level of transcendence, I call human being, people create themselves, their whole life with their words, spoken or thought… like gods.

The terminology of integrity: integrity is either in or it is out… meaning you are either doing/being what/who you said you say you are going to do/be… or not.

Meaning: your level of integrity is different in every moment.

For most people integrity is equal to morality. Morality only exist in language… so it was invented by humans. Life didn’t agree your morality. Nature didn’t agree to abide by your morality. And probably neither did you.

Morality’s language is: It is right to do this and wrong to do that.

Keep your promises, cross your tees, dot your i’s.

A simpleton, mechanistic way of viewing something sacred, much like the statement: God is always there, noticing the fall of a sparrow and the hairs on your head…

Religion, any religion, is just one of the murderers of the human soul. The other one is state. Government. Most specifically the education system.

If you want to have any of the good things in the title, a life that is working, peace of mind, accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness… you need to declare independence from both religion and state.

Not revolution, just independence.

Revolution is reactive. Revolution comes from “there is something wrong” and the “revolution” is fixing it by replacing it with some other moral system that is rigid and oppresses the individual.

Declaration of independence is just stating the obvious, the natural, the Original Design.

You aren’t designed to live by someone else’s standards.

Each human has a built in compass, some people call it conscience, but I prefer the Hebrew version: in Hebrew conscience and compass have the same word, i.e. inner guidance.

Each human is designed to know what’s right for them and what isn’t. One size doesn’t fit all, doesn’t fit most, each human is special, unique, and has their own size, their own path.
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What is the organ of control for the Dark Side? I mean, how does the Dark Side take control of you?

I had an interesting discovery today.

Children and adults that have played music, seriously, or sang professionally, or participated in athletics or gymnastics, or other competitive sports that required you to have good control over your body, are able to raise their vibration faster, connect better, and get the activators more fully than people who either didn’t, or just relied on their natural talent, but didn’t actually train.

Why? Because these kinesthetic faculties, feeling faculties are enabling them to use more of what’s available to them, not just their mind.

Your mind is a stupid computer.

Every computer is stupid. Why? Because it is garbage in/garbage out.

It is not the computer that is smart, it is the operator.

People that live in their minds have no operator.
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