Biting Microscopic Mites Spreading Across the World – The Pandora Bug

microscopic biting mitesUpdated: Biting Mites issue solved!

This post is a reprint of an article from 2005. I didn’t write it, I found it on the internet. It was the article that woke me up that the misery I was experiencing in my own sleepless nights was not unique to me: it was shared by billions of people who are not as aware as myself, yet they suffer. Continue reading “Biting Microscopic Mites Spreading Across the World – The Pandora Bug”

The plague of our century… Or it’s too late to dig a well when you are thirsty

I wrote this article five years ago… and it’s eerily actual today…

What you want to take away from this article is this: a year from now you wish you started today…

Start what? Digging that darn well: building skills. Building relationships. Building alternative ways to make a living. Raising your awareness, consciousness. Getting yourself off the social bandwagon, getting yourself well…

It make be late today… but life is not over. A year from now it might be… Continue reading “The plague of our century… Or it’s too late to dig a well when you are thirsty”

You don’t care… then why should I?

Finally, after seven months on the war path, two weeks ago I found the solution to get rid of all three near microscopic biting mites… (including what causes the mysterious Morgellons) and to my surprise, suddenly, at the same time, my whole attitude changed with regards to working.

Suddenly, I went from working bee… to “I did not want to work any more.” I just wanted to read, play, watch Netflix. I didn’t even want to write any articles any more.

WTF, right?

So yesterday I sat down and had a heart to heart with Source, through questions, of course.
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Choice is: selecting freely, AFTER consideration.

choose realityChoosing

Choice is: selecting freely, AFTER consideration.

Matsa asks: hmm, it’s puzzling – if you never choose X, didn’t you, in fact, chose Y?

My answer: are you referring to choosing sexual preference? Most people have the choice made for them, societally and biologically…

99.99% of people never actually choose consciously, instead allow something else to choose for them: how they feel, their urges, society, the other, etc.

The best example for choiceless choice is: choosing your mother… choosing your life to be the way your life is. It is weird for people. They resist how it is… but there is no other choice.

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Overconfidence… do you screw up because of it? Or the opposite? lol

rushing to conclusionMy soul correction is “Forget Thyself“.

One aspect of this soul correction is overconfidence. I have to invent tricks to counter it, but, from time to time, it creates hell in my life… like right now.

You know I have been working on this human biting mites, or said in another way: microscopic mites that bite humans, live on and in humans, torture humans; avoid detection, so doctors don’t know about them, blame chemicals, viruses, allergies, infections, etc. to cover up that they have no idea.
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You want to be smarter because you want to succeed? you are on the wrong track!

you can't get smart from a pillIt is still very clear: whenever I talk about getting smarter, I get a huge influx of visitors from people who have taken the bad advice this article will dispel…

I am here re-publishing an article by one of my favorite people, Roy H. Williams.

I am republishing it, instead of trying to paraphrase it, because the way he says it, I can feel, is from his personal experience. I am listening to it also as a student… I am not ready to declare it quite my own knowledge… Maybe yes, but until I totally live like that… well, I will just quote the ones that have it as a real knowledge… not mind knowledge… There are not many like that, by the way. Most people spout tree of knowledge b.s. as if it were their knowledge… Beware.

So here you go: this article is worth its weight in gold… through and through. Don’t miss it! My notes will be in the footnotes…
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Why my niece died and other things worth your attention

People think that a mite infestation, especially the spider mite infestation is more a nuisance than anything.

After all what harm can these critters cause… no bacteria, no virus… no big deal.

But the truth is much more complicated, and much more dramatic than that.

The spider mites that live their whole life-cycle hidden from observation, have the visible stage: the nymph getting nutrients from the host.

A simple bite would harmful, would be painful, maybe it even would itch, but it probably wouldn’t kill you.

What kills you, and it does, that the nymph is attached to your skin, inner or outer, and its chemicals irritate the skin for days.

My niece died of cervical cancer.
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