How to use The Sight capacity to get yourself unstuck

I have been looking at the traffic that comes to my site… and 99% of the people who come, leave empty handed.

Most people want to make more money. I don’t have what they want… I could only have what they need… so I have had nothing to offer them. I have thought of doing a money course… but have discarded it… It feels inauthentic for me to teach about money, given how mediocre my income is.

What you don’t know that you don’t know is really your blind spot. I have, must have, a big blind spot that I can’t, don’t want to, am afraid to make more money than is necessary to survive.

It’s not necessarily a lack of knowledge, or lack of work. It is that something stops me when the going gets good…

So I don’t consider myself worthy to teach something I don’t do myself. Continue reading “How to use The Sight capacity to get yourself unstuck”