Are you dull? bored? boring? Too determined? Hellbent?

This is a post from 2016  that is suddenly relevant again.

I woke up early this morning. I spent, it seems, the whole night with hair-raising dreams… so it was good to get up.

Got up and came to my computer and posted some 45 podcast episodes from 2-3 years ago.

I listened to a few of them, and I was dumbfounded how much better I was back then, how many more things I had to talk about then… intelligently, interestingly, engagingly.

So I started to look what the heck changed that I am so much duller nowadays.

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Are you inspirable? Can you even be inspired?

Inspiration… what is it and why do you want to have it?

Inspiration, breathing life into inert or unconscious matter… is the difference between a machine and a Man…

An inspired action, an inspired life, an inspired person is vastly different from most people, most actions, most lives on the planet. How? in that what guides those is what is beyond the 10% reality, and beyond the emotional dramatic interpretation. And beyond the meaning based lives humans live nowadays. Continue reading “Are you inspirable? Can you even be inspired?”