Changing your brain: can it change your life?

Changing your brain: can it change your life? I say it can… Part of it is the Hero program that I also call the GABA program.

WTF, right? What does GABA have to do with anything? It sounds unlikely… even if you know what GABA is… but it does.

There are two important brain centers in this regard: beliefs, convictions, worldview… that unless it changes, unless the beliefs, convictions, worldview can change, your actions and your attitudes will remain the same.

And because your actions are what produce everything that you ever wanted… and if you don’t like what you have produced, then you are sh!t out of luck… and that is where all the science, all the courses, all the books, all the brilliant theories are dumbfounded… because, gulp, no one has been able to change their opinions about themselves and about the world enough for it to be able to change their lives.

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