Your life is built on a story. Make it a better story

confabulating your life storyWhat is confabulating? It is telling a story based on actual things that happened… But you can make, based on actual things, hundreds of different stories. But alas, most people retell the same boring story… and they are surprised that their life is predictable, boring, and not fun.

Storytelling is part and parcel with humanity. It seems that without stories people shrink, people get narrow, people can boring.

I crave stories.

When I was an architecture student, there was no time to read. It was horrible for me.

Luckily architecture, the actual doing the work doesn’t need all your attention. It is only 5% that is brain-dependent, and the rest of it is manual work. That is what I hated about being an architect, by the way. I like to use my brain, and 5% is not enough for me.

To give you a sense of what 5% is, it’s about the time you spend drinking coffee in a normal business day. Continue reading “Your life is built on a story. Make it a better story”