Pursuit of happiness? or Noticing happiness?

happiness is in the little things

The pursuit of happiness pushes happiness away, like a snow plow pushes snow

I find myself more often than not, in complete sync with my favorite people, one of them is Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads, famous ad man with a whole school of like-minded amazing expert, and thousands of students.

Roy H. Williams is a Christian, and that bothers me, but it’s the concept that bothers me, not the man. He writes about the subject I have been pursuing on this blog for the past week or so… so here is his piece from today’s Monday Morning Memo.
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I hate making mistakes!

what's the truth about you? why are you making mistakes?Correct Diagnosis is 50% of the Cure in any area of your life

In this article I am going to show an area of my life where diagnostic skills and tools have saved the day, and in fact proved to be 90% of the cure.

The process of growth is not linear. It is more like layer by layer. No matter where you are now, in order to get to the next level, you need to completely explore the level or layer where you are.

I have been relative successful for a while now, and like any other “normal” human being, I had the illusion that I have arrived to the place where it is smooth sailing from hereon.

The mind will always think that. Whatever is the newest experience, the mind will jump into conclusion and declare that life is going to be like this from here onward.

When you screw something up, the mind tells you that you are a lost cause and you’ll never going to succeed. When you do something right, the mind tells you that you are the best, and you can now expect the best.

I’ve been telling you over and over that the mind is a stupid machine, but it is one thing to understand, and it’s a whole other thing to discredit the mind, actively, when it says anything bombastic and summary like that.
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Want Change In Your Life? All Change Starts With Knowing Where You Are… What’s the truth about you?

Want Change In Your Life? All Change Starts With Knowing Where You Are… What’s the truth about you?

The best doctors are the ones that diagnose correctly. When you hear the diagnosis and it resonates with you, your trust in the doctor doubles, after all correct diagnosis is 50% of the cure.

This is true in medicine, this is true in coaching, this is true in business.

Some jokes come to mind:

Michael is having a problem with his car. He drives to his mechanic. The mechanic looks it over and says: five hundred bucks. When will it be ready, asks Michael. In 15 minutes, answers the mechanic. five hundred dollars for 15 minutes? exclaims Michael. Oh, if you look at it that way, it will be ready next week.

or another one:
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