Updated: What Is Higher Vibration? How Would You Know It? How Would You Feel It?

more harmony will come with a higher vibration I wrote this article three years ago… even with the rewrite it has notions I no longer consider, it has mentions of stuff I have completely eliminated from my teaching. But it is worth reading: it probably bridges to the general public than my newer articles…

What is higher vibration?

How would you know it? How would you feel it? Why would you want it? What is this thing about?

This question came up in a conversation. As I was talking to Nancy, the nagging feeling, that higher vibration cannot be explained was plaguing me. You know the feeling that you know something that you can’t explain it, because words are insufficient… you feel so powerless… Right?

She guessed, that raising your vibration is getting more intelligent as in a higher I.Q. I said: Maybe. But Scientology can do that, according to Ron Hubbard, too… and Scientology used to manage to raise people’s vibration at a 10% probability, to a maximum of 295.

What would be the cause of the rise in I.Q.? one should ask, because it’s an intelligent question.

There is a very simple phenomenon that explains it: “emotions up –> intelligence down”
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Are You Expanding or Contracting?

expanding personality shown in a sculpture As I am working to fully distinguish what it is to be an expanding personality, (click to read the glossary!)and going through famous and not so famous people, muscle testing if they are, were, or ever were expanding, including me… I am starting to see something that I have never seen before.

You may not know, but this very moment, I am not expanding. I am more like trying to hold onto something for dear life. lol.

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Defending Your Life Movie Illustrating Raising Your Vibration

Defending Your Life and higher vibrationDefending Your Life

This is a review of the movie, Defending Your Life, from the point of view of raising your vibration.

How does higher vibration look to you if it is your own higher vibration? How would you know? What would the world look like?

These are the questions I attempt to answer in this article.

In my conversation with Nancy I said “little brains” and I would like to say where it came from… in some way say, that I didn’t mean what it implies, I was quoting from a movie.

The movie, Defending Your Life from 1991, is a movie by Albert Brooks, starring himself and Meryl Streep. It’s a comedy, and it’s wonderful.

The synopsis of Defending Your Life is interesting: Our hero, Albert Brooks, quite a knucklehead, dies of a driving mistake.

He finds himself alive on a bus with other people, who, it turns out, also died that same day.

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