Can a spiritual capacity turn off ADHD-like symptoms? Procrastination?

I feel and I behave like an injured quarterback without my usual programs at my usual computer.

And the big winter storm is here… so I most likely won’t get the new computer on Thursday… Eh, we’ll just limp along, and it will turn out the way it will turn out… I can handle it.

One of the topics that have come up from students over the past few days is their difficulty to focus.

I say it is ADHD. Now, I am not a doctor, but then again, that’s a good thing. Because as long as you have some medication to take, you don’t pay attention to anything: you let the meds do the work, and you become a slave. Even if the meds work, Actually, especially if the meds work.

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The Detached capacity: Gateway to heaven

gateway-to-heavenThe Detached capacity is the gateway to heaven… and also the gatekeeper to heaven. All ways to heaven, to higher functioning, to human beingness lead through this capacity…

It’s very interesting: whenever I start a new course, or a workshop, suddenly everyone gets quiet.

They are waiting for the other shoe to drop. What shoe? lol… so see if it works… holding their breath.

Anyway, the workshop started this morning, and I enjoyed it. Even I learned a lot…

If you are in the workshop: I would appreciate a little bit of public feedback.

The first session (of the Detached capacity workshop) was enjoyable. I never expect that: my whole base attitude is pessimistic. I prepare for horror, and I am always pleasantly surprised.
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