On a personal note… Is Sophie dying?

I have been a mad scientist. More mad than scientist… 🙁

My style of science is experimentation… taking things to extreme, and for a long time to boot. So doing this in the past 60 or so years has done a lot of damage to my body.

I would test diets, I would test theories, I would test methodologies, healing methods, you name it, I have tested it or something similar.

I am in the middle of several experiments, some you have heard of, like the predatory genes experiment, and some you haven’t…

A few weeks ago I got really clear that my days were numbered. I could barely walk, no energy, pain in my heart, left arm… bad.

So I buckled down and started to “diagnose” the problem. Continue reading “On a personal note… Is Sophie dying?”

I woke up today feeling good about myself… so? what is the big deal?! Right?

I woke up today feeling good about myself.

Why mention it? Because feeling good about myself is not as frequent as one would think… I could say: I felt better about myself than normal.

Feeling good about yourself is the basis of self-love… that being at home feeling we all crave, but most of us have no idea how to get.

It was, that craving, expressed yesterday by the participants of my workshop 1 to ferret out the issues of the self and brainstorm about a direction that could pull you out of the issue.

Direction, pull you out? Yeah.

Some 16 years ago I was doing a course in New York City, and I was commuting there from Syracuse NY, every week. It was the snowiest winter in my memory. One time I drove down during the day… normally I drove at night when the traffic was sparse. A drive faster and more confidently in snow that others.

And my attitude was: get out of my way! A mix of angry, hurried, superior… not pretty. And suddenly my car slipped to the left and slipped into the snow bank. Continue reading “I woke up today feeling good about myself… so? what is the big deal?! Right?”