Seeing… one of the Metaskills that will raise your vibration

I am reading the Metaskills book.

I am reading it for you and for me.

This book has given me a big insight... and ultimately a breakthrough, though we shall see...

OK, let me start at the beginning.

Most books are either easy or difficult to read. Why? I just found out.

This book, the Metaskills was alternating between easy to read and difficult to read.

At some point it felt like thick mud I needed to wade through.

Why? I had no idea how what he was talking about was connecting to what the book was supposedly about.

I am nearly certain that this happens to you often. The thought is "What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?" or some other dismissive thought.

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Your behavior is always consistent with what you see… All your mistakes come from here…

Your behavior is always consistent with what you see.

And what you see depends 100% of your available capacities.

You don't even look... because you know what is there... you know there is nothing to see.

The difference between a blind person and you is that the blind person knows she cannot see.

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Life is unnecessarily hard for us. How do I know? We are in it together…

I have found, that the biggest "deterrent" for me from getting something new done is a version of visual/mental overwhelm: when my wires get crossed.

Any occurrence of not understanding something begins the process.

As a dyslexic, this happens quite often, especially when there is a form to fill out: what is most likely normal for people with a normal brain is gobbledygook 1 to me.

Now, it is not necessarily their fault...

As I am working in tandem with my marketing client, it is clear that he has none of my difficulties. He has other difficulties, but not brain scramble difficulties.

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Dyslexia – the good news and the bad news…

steven-spielberg-dyslexiaUPDATE: I have some underachiever friends and students. I suspect that they may have dyslexia. It just occurred to me... after two excruciatingly difficult conversations in a row... where the partners in the conversation felt stuck, dense, and their level of comprehension is low.

Both are men, both are making a living in their own business, both shy away from learning anything new.

It is one of the worst things for me when I try to teach someone something that they need, and they nod and yes me to death, only to do the opposite or nothing.

Every human wants to make a difference, wants to matter, more than anything, and this flies in the face of that...

But maybe they are dyslexic. Hm.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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If you have a problem keeping your word… Consistently

the-biggest-lieKeeping your word, especially the word that you gave to yourself is a big issue... This article is digging deep for the causes and the solutions.

I am removing people from my Reclaim program, left and right, for inactivity. If you don't have at least one written coaching conversation with me a week, you are put on the "to be removed" list. Why? Because if you are not doing the work you shouldn't be in the program.

If you are not coming for the coaching... then I have a good idea how your life looks.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

This was probably one of the most shocking things I learned in self-development, right up there with "you think you see everything, but you only see what you have already seen".

Both insights were upsetting, and started to break up the world-view, the mythical, magical world view, that "I can do anything I put my mind to."
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Change your brain… and you can change your life

hack-your-brainIt seems it is video-day here in my house... today. Mind you, I am not quite doing it for entertainment, I am looking for some solution.

In my coaching calls and even watching, observing myself, I have realized that some foundational skills are missing. They are the kind of foundation without which you simply can't have what you want, you can't feel better about yourself, and you can't accomplish much of anything worth writing home about.

So I have to either find a way or make one, to teach you the missing skills.

In this case I'd prefer to find a way, after all if someone is already teaching it, why invent the wheel.

One of the videos I found is a TEDx talk by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, the founder of the brain plasticity based brain training center.
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How to develop the wisdom you need to be able to tell truth from fiction, truth from a lie?

how to develop wisdom?I just read a little local article about a fourth-grader (age 9~10) who challenged himself to read more books than he did the previous summer (100) and read almost 150 books this past summer.

His favorites are fantasy and fiction, including Viking and Greek mythology.

Now, if I asked you what's the difference between you and this kid, what would you say?

You probably think that I am accusing you with not reading enough, so you would reach for some excuses, and some self-justification, not enough time, blah blah blah.

Some of you would say that you read as much, but you read it on the Internet, emails and such.
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Anger, Resentment, Disappointment: How To Liberate Yourself?

A few years ago, (maybe 3?) I went over the list of people I was angry at, or disappointed by. I made an all-out attempt to liberate myself from the bondage anger or disappointment creates.

Anger, resentment, disappointment: all symptoms of ego/mind, all symptoms of thinking of the future and feeling threatened. Look at how the Indonesian Mimic Octopus makes sure that they don't fall prey to having any reason for anger, etc. But humans are not as intelligent: they willingly put themselves in that position... Don't forget to read the rest of the article once you are done watching the video

I knew, in theory, that no one can do anything to you. That it is not what they do that makes you miserable, it is what you say about it. That it's always your ego that is bruised.

But there is a difference between theory and practice. You know it, and I know it.
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