You are the anchor of the world that keeps it fixed.

you soar reality changeThe world seems to be fixed… We call reality what everyone agrees about… but is it fixed? It turns out that when you soar reality changes with you. I am talking about real change… both you and reality…

It’s Friday. Friday is my day off… which doesn’t mean I won’t write an article. A day off is a feeling. I can do anything I want…

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Procrastination… Do his methods work?

Andrew KirbyThis article is about a youtube guru type, who now teaches classes and consults to eliminate procrastination.

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Is ranting gossiping? Is ranting complaining?

rantingComplaining implies expressing dissatisfaction about a situation or behavior. Ranting is all about expressing anger by shouting in frustration. And gossiping is talking about a person who isn’t present. So this article, at least the first part is all three. But it is also a teaching opportunity.

Every Tuesday I am on a group coaching call with one of my coaches.

I don’t like him. I say this upfront so I can watch if I have a prejudice… while I am writing about him.

Anyway, I have once written an article that I can’t now find where I say that even if you copy everything visible about a person who is doing better than you, you won’t be like him, and your results probably won’t be like his. Continue reading “Is ranting gossiping? Is ranting complaining?”

Want to grow? Master outcome independence!

outcome independenceZen: Chop wood, carry water. An outcome independent series of actions. Outcome independence .

Western Culture: What is your why? Create big audacious goals, take bold actions…

One is outcome independent with an overarching goal of inner peace. Not now, not at this moment, but for life.

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Seeing sideways… looking sideways… visual field

Look sideways… meaning: see things sideways… not only straight ahead.

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Eudaimonia… living a life you love and live it powerfully

This morning I woke up and have been up now for more than two hours, and not a lick of work has been done… I have been musing.

Hungarian songs swirl in my mind, I look up words I never knew what they meant… but in the age of google you can look up anything, and find…

Old, forgotten words in songs belie the history of the people changing… what they eat, what animals they keep around, how they think.

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Your actions, your desires are for the immediate

This is a long article. It is only worth reading if you are interested in a different life than you are living. If not… not worth reading… Go back to Facebook, or your romance novel, or witches, goblins, vampires, computer games, daydreaming, or whatever you fill your life with.

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Negativity and the fallacy that disempowers billions

The common fallacy that saying anything negative sounding IS a bad thing… that saying bad things brings bad stuff in its wake

In another article I said: all speaking is committing. And it is true… But is every speaking as strong a commitments as if you said: this is what I stand for, so help me god?

I am working through something that happened in a call with Troy, where he was the coach and I was the client.

I mentioned to him my article from yesterday where I said: no one wants to interview me, so I’ll interview myself.

He instantly got bent out of shape. I am still dealing with the negative reaction it caused for him… as a true empath I am still connected to him, and I feel it will take him a while to shake it off. Continue reading “Negativity and the fallacy that disempowers billions”

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing

‘Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.’ ~ William James

One of the surest symptoms of someone not taking full responsibility for how their life is going is a lack of sense of humor. And because responsibility, the capacity is not available under 200 vibration, that means 99% of humanity lives without a sense of humor. Continue reading “Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing”

Does Your Life Lack Meaning? Purpose? Organizing Principle?

According to some statistics, 30% of humanity lack meaning in their lives.

I think that this statistics is off by a lot. It’s more like 91%… according to Source. Continue reading “Does Your Life Lack Meaning? Purpose? Organizing Principle?”