Effortless Abundance news: non-alcoholic version, side effects, feedback, meditation

Effortless Abundance Activator: Allow abundance to reach you: feel abundance, release tension, release longing, jealousy, envy, greed, resistance and gain power in your life. The remedy contains 168 different transformative energies that effect a different area of life and a different area of your personality. Removes the effects of stress, failure, fear, anxiety and replace them with peace and well-being. Energy medicine: no medical claims, no chemicals, no voodoo. True and tried. Unconditionally guaranteed to work.

New: I have added a non-alcoholic version of this remedy on Amazon.

Unexpected side effects to Effortless Abundance Activator

I didn’t expect results and changes the way they happened. I thought they would be gentle, gradual. It didn’t happen that way for me. It was more like I wanted want more light, and I meant another light bulb, well within my comfort zone, but what I got is the whole cloudless sky. Overwhelming.
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