From my correspondence: Astrological Signs, Are they preventing us from changing lanes?

stuck in a lane by the starsI stumbled on this old post… and it is exactly perfect for the “What’s the truth about you” workshops, so I thought I republish it…


Hi Sophie, I have a question. I would like to know your advice. I recently found an astrological site with natal chart sun decrees interpretations which are scaringly accurate.

I bought your Effortless Abundance Book, three days ago, I do believe one can get much more. My doubt is, can we change lanes? concerning those astrological imprints for a better life?

All the best,

My Answer:

it all depends on your mindset.

if you are trying to change lanes to fix anything: the answer is no.
if you manage to not make anything wrong in the present or in the past!!! not easy, then yes

astrology and such are the mind’s effort to understand the world so it can control it.

the world can’t be controlled, moreover when you want control for safety etc. you are making something wrong.
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Atheists are the most spiritual…

demotivation.us_Religion-is-for-people-who-are-afraid-of-going-to-hell.-Spirituality-is-for-those-who-have-already-been-there_138262858294I have a friend who I call a few times a year, and then we talk a lot for a few weeks, and then not for months at a clip.

I’ve called him the other day, and now we are talking again.

Today he asked me a question that put me in touch with something I buried deep…

He asked me “What is Energized Water?”

I wanted to find out what he thinks energized water is. And that conversation lead from the pristine spring he got his drinking water from when he was a kid, through the hot springs of Lourdes, the healing waters, to a realization, that because I am an atheist, I have been not allowing myself to be moved.

I wrote notes while we spoke. This is what I wrote…
Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Updated: Happiness is an energetic phenomenon… remove blockages to restore the flow

restoring-the-flowHappiness is an energetic phenomenon, it is not a “feeling” per se, albeit it is a feeling of flow.

Well-being is also an energetic phenomenon… and just like happiness, it is a feeling of flow.

Flow is the undisturbed, unrestricted life force. It’s energetic. It is real. It is not a feeling… it cannot be pretended.

Your mind cannot pretend that there is flow, you cannot imagine flow and flow would happen. It happens the other way around: there is flow and then your mind catches up with it… only to often just block it again.
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Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable

seven-soul-heads-w350Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is.

This is very catchy… titillating even. I read this on a blog talking about the reincarnated soul… Barry McGuiness: personal vibration: 170. Truth value of teaching: 4%.

People look at spiritual work as titillating, and that is why nothing happens as a result of the “work” they do. 1

Work is always painful. Work is never “nice”, never an experience, never passive. The soul isn’t doing the work, and the world’s people consciousness isn’t like the Bell Curve…

It’s more like 99.99999999999999% of humanity is unconscious, and has scarcely any spiritual capacities working for them.
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The path to anything you want leads through 90% blockage elimination and 10% addition

removing-blockages-to-flowIf you are able to catch the point, have the power of distilling essence… aka called distinguishing, you have seen in all my work, and all of Tai Lopez’s 69 steps, that every single session, every single article, every single video is about stuff you do, be, see, believe, think, feel, that keep you stuck.

So, in essence, all spiritual work, and all transformational work is getting you unstuck.

And all fake programs, all fake gurus are about getting you stuck… filling your head with useless crap.

One of my students sent me a laundry (long) list of what she should do…

It was her 67-steps answers… answer to one of the steps… I don’t know what number.

It is not possible to do 100 things, especially in the thick of life. When you are in a hurry, upset, troubled, etc.

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Updated: Happyness vs happiness, being vs. doing

life is a journey 2Happyness and happiness

I just looked at the cover of the book The Pursuit of Happyness and it hit me that the difference between those two words is:
the first, happyness is the journey, your beingness and
the second, happiness is the destination.

“It is not about the destination, it is about the journey…” you repeat… good boy, but you don’t know what you are talking about. Literally, you can explain it, you can even visualize it, and yet, you have no clue what that means, because it is counter-cultural. And because your beingness is firmly vested in a jumping… no work necessary paradigm.

In a culture of goal setting, in a culture of competition, success is the only thing that matters (to others, in the world, in the culture…) and you ate that b.s., hook, line and sinker. And you are trapped… but you don’t have to stay that way.

Let me explain in this article the art of being on the journey, in beingness, and fully appreciating it, fully enjoying it.
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Updated: How to go from lazy, procrastinating never do well to someone who gets things done? This also applies to raising your vibration…

I found this article today… I wrote it 18 months ago.

Of course at the time I had no idea that there are spiritual capacities, that they are encoded in the DNA, that they can be turned on, that I can turn them on… none of that.

So the article is a little outdated, and yet… many of the principles apply, they are timeless. Good reading.

One of the typical mistakes I see comes from the “culture” of instant, quick, magic buttons, magic bullets.

The idea that if you can imagine it you can do it.

It’s not true, or it is not that simple.

We all understand that things take time to get up to speed, your car, an airplane, your computer, but we don’t think that the same rule applies to us. We actually really think, really hope, that someone can touch us, a holy man or woman, and we will be healed, and throw away our cane, walker, and run away dancing, laughing, victorious.

This is what the fake gurus (i.e. the associates of the Dark Side) want us to believe.

But why are they selling us a bill of goods if it is not true? The answer is simple: because what they sell matches your desire, that’s why you will buy it.
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Self-possessed… living from the Witness position, living from Consciousness

self-possessingThe question in your life is: who possesses who? Who possesses what?

But the answer to that question, albeit it is fashionable to think that the guy/gal with the most toys wins, will surprise you: the person who possesses himself wins, every step of the way.

I pretty much don’t know anyone with any level of self-possession: it can be measured.

People are like leaves blowing in the wind, flotsam on the ocean… out of control, hoping for a favorable wind… lacking what can only developed by rigorous practice.

Rigorous? Practice? Please stop laughing… you are out of control!

But like anything of value, it doesn’t come cheap.

In an interaction with a longtime student, I saw something. Here is the interaction:
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I have been working on starting to lead courses again.

course-1I’ve taken a break, recharged my batteries, and I am ready…

The first step I needed to do is to look at the courses I have already lead, to get a sense that in fact I CAN lead effective courses…

I listened into a whole lot of the recorded sessions. I learned that I have fun leading (I laugh a lot), that the material is amazing, and that the students love participating.

I have decided on doing the second phase activators course… this time with the new energies that eliminate the need for you to be connected while I download the activators… A good 20 minutes each hour was spent on making sure you are connected when I last lead that course.

That is a lot of time, wasted… thank god for the new technology, right?
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Review: Natalie Ledwell and Mind-Movies: does it work? is it worth buying it?

mind movies matrixUpdate June 15: Unless you recognize the inner voices that want to keep you and your life the same, no program, including the Mind Movies will fail you… Because you and what YOU want will be beaten to the punch by the inner voices.

The practice that will allow the Mind Movies to work, The Amish Horse Training Method is something you want to consider BEFORE you spend your time, money, and dreams on the Mind Movies…

Bad news: no matter what program you buy, if you remain the same inside, small, arrogant, and fearful, no program will do anything for you… For most people there is a schasm, a big divide between what they want and what they do… And that big divide needs to be bridged by small purposeful actions. But the problem I see with any results based goal setting program: most people are incapable of designing the small actions, let alone doing them. So the success rate of a program like Mind Movies is way less than 1%… I have found only my programs (Sophie)  that attend to that gap, that big divide and the actions you need to take. So with that, read this review… just know: no matter how good it sounds, it’s almost guaranteed that unless you are already highly successful, it won’t do anything for you, anything lasting. And it will be just another program you paid for, and got nothing in return. Worse than that: you will get a significant lowering of your self-esteem.

Nevertheless, if you really want to work with Mind Movies… I have an activator for you: the Effortless Abundance Activator…. With it even the Mind Movies MAY work.

Before I start talking about the subject matter, Natalie Ledwell and Mind-Movies, let me quickly teach you something: The internet is populated, 90%, with material that is designed to make money for the person or company that published it.

If you could make money recommending the Mind Movies: would you lie? Would you say it’s the best thing that happened to you? Of course you would. But it would be still a lie…

So, as I was looking for honest reviews of Natalie Ledwell and her product, Mind-Movies, I didn’t find any.

So, let this be the first honest review.
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