Boys don’t know how to be boys…

“If you want to emasculate a guy friend, when you’re at a restaurant, ask him everything that he’s going to order, and then when the waitress comes … order for him.” It’s funny because it shouldn’t be that easy to rob a man of his masculinity — but it is.

I am doing good work with the participants of my accountability program. 1

One of the things that have been coming up is this: what did it do to you to be influenced more by your mother than your father?

Don’t be mistaken: man and woman, boy and girl, father and mother are different beings… almost as different as if they were two different species. And it should be.

Now, I admit that our “civilized” world makes the two roles more similar looking, but just like in eating, what works best for you is eating according to your DNA, the same is true about gender behavior. Continue reading “Boys don’t know how to be boys…”