The secret of changing: beat your projecting mind

beat the projecting mindI wrote this article five years ago, but today I remembered it and here you go: I’ll republish it.

What happened? Two things. I now get asked for a health measurements muscle testing where the result is frightening. And the other thing is: I am taking Hyaluronic Acid capsules, and was pondering why Source said that it is good for me… It won’t make my face smoother… but I now have no heartburn, and I am noticing that walking is easier on my knees… So it is, in this regard a ‘shock absorber’ for my knees.

So that is how come I looked up this article and this activator I’ll talk about in this article…

And surprisingly, it connects really well to my Flexibility/changeability activator too… I like when things connect through and through.

OK, here starts the original article: Continue reading “The secret of changing: beat your projecting mind”