The empty pantry and the master chef

If I asked you how you knew your god loved you… you would say because your god gave you an easy life. And I would know everything anyone needs to know about you: you are worthless. You value having higher than earning.

Charlie Munger says: to get what you want, you need to deserve what you want.

That sounds really good, but the truth value of that statement is just 10%… 90% of the whole truth is missing.

An accurate, higher truth value statement would be: to get what you want, you need to appropriate 1 what you want. Make it yours, so you can work with it… 60% truth value.

I know, some other articles I have said “earn” what you want… 30% truth value.

There is, probably, a higher than 60% truth value statement… but my agenda here is to drive something home… so that 60% truth value statement will do for now.

Humans, you, would have to appropriate beingness to have the right to call yourself a human being… you aren’t. Talking about beingness isn’t… just like talking about flying isn’t…

But beingness is also outside of the agenda of this article: the agenda is to talk about what is yours and what isn’t. What you can work with, what you can use, what knowledge you can connect the dots in…

What you appropriated, what is truly yours, is what you have. Continue reading “The empty pantry and the master chef”