More Water Energizer Reviews… more are on the way

energize your own water in Eastern EuropeAwesome, matchless taste! When you drink it, the water slides down the throat easily and leaves a sweetish after-taste in the mouth. And you want more and more of it… My husband tasted it too and said: It's pure water!

Also, I feel light, tiny tingling along my spine and in the fingertips each time I drink it. I used it for everything: tea, coffee, soup, washing the vegetables, even for rinsing my hair – it gets nice shine. Did an experiment with a cabbage: I cut slightly its root, put it in a zip-lock bag, poured some of the energized water on it, put it in the fridge and after a while it became more crispy and less stringy...

Great work, teacher!

Thank you,
Matsa, Serbia (Eastern Europe)

PS: I put the Water Energizer audio on a small mp3 player that has a shuffle/repeat function, this is Eclipse, much like the ipod shuffle, just cheaper. This way I don't have to use my pc.
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Water Energizer results… testimonial

... and here is someone who followed instructions (gasp!) and sent me the result already:

energize water filtered with brita filterMy first experience with the water energizer

It is remarkable! I have never, ever in my life tasted water that has this mouthfeel. It is the silkiest, smoothest texture I have ever feels the way mercury looks when in liquid form.

I also did a side by side comparison with tap water. The tap water feels hard and crunchy in comparison.

Wonderful! I can't wait to see what happens in the next two weeks.

Thank you,


By the way, this is what I expected. This is the kind of words everyone who has tested the energized water has always used. This is what I say every day...

If you are a beta tester, I need your testing result. Please...

How can I measure the vibration of water across the planet? How do I know what to connect to, when I connect to a bottle of water you have?

energizedHow can I measure the vibration of water across the planet? How do I know what to connect to, when I connect to a bottle of water you have?

For the past few days people are testing the brand new Water Energizer audio.

Here are some of the questions that have come up:

1. I used Fiji water... after energizing it tastes the same, but of course Fiji water tastes good.

Answer: Start with a different brand of bottled water. Then the change in taste will be dramatic. This should be obvious for most, but obviously, if one person makes this mistake, it is worth pointing out.

Also, you need to know that the testing is for you, not for me. I know it works, I have tested it myself. You need to test it to make an intelligent decision... intelligent decisions cannot be made based only on the word of the seller (me), you need to test.

Energized water tastes dramatically better and it is also silky to to palate, silky to the touch. Why? Maybe because of the coherence: freshly combed hair is silkier that unkempt hair that is like a bale of hay.
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How does the Energizer energize the water? Energized Water Explained

goose-waterskiingWater is the most godly creation right after human being. It is capable of carrying any energy, and carry it without any distortions. Water is loving with no agenda of its own.

It's hard to imagine, but the water that we consume isn't coherent 1. It's much like unkempt hair: full of knots, lacking shine, sticky.

Why is that? Is it because of the impurities of the water? Yes and no.

In our hair analogy, the foreign substances, solids, gases, and other chemicals, are like the knots in the hair: they force the water molecules to seal the impurities off: the water doesn't want to be soiled.

But the most important reason for our natural or tap water's incoherence is its spin. (spin is a lot like curly hair: each hair follicle tells the individual hair which way the spiral should go, left or right.)

Water is highest in its coherence and its energy when it's left-spin. Each molecule. Consistently, through and through. That is when it is at 650 vibration.

But reasons that we can only guess, (the impurity of the human mind feels most accurate, second guess is the cause of the Great Flood: the Earth spin got reversed, all guessing!) water's spin is reversed... it is largely incoherent.

Imagine your hair: each hair follicle instructs the hair to curl in a slightly different direction. The resulting hair is much like a bale of hay: no rhyme and reason, and no beauty. A big mess... Like your bad hair day? lol.

That's how our drinking water looks when you can see it, energetically. Twirling, like sewage.
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Water: does it help or does it hinder your body?

tap_waterWater! 70% of your body is water, and every single chemical process in your body requires water. In your cell and in between the cells.

Clean, well structured, good water. Water that lubricates your joints. Water that dissolves and carries the vitamins and the minerals to where they become life. Water that refreshes you, quenches your thirst, and leaves you with more energy than when you started.

Unfortunately to all of us, this is not the case. The water that is available for us, whether it is through the tap, through a "pristine" mountain stream, in a bottle, is water that doesn't fit to drink.

The minimum energy, the minimum vibration, the minimum "consciousness level" water needs to have is 300. That is what muscle test says the body needs to match itself... for the water to neither add nor take away from its state. On the vibrational scale of consciousness. If its vibration is lower, then it robs your body of energy, and it robs you of your life, of your happiness, of your peace of mind, of your brilliance, of your health.

I have measured the vibration of water from different sources, and this is what I found this morning:
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Energize Water to 653 With Energizer Audio – A fast revolutionary way to get fully energized water

Water Energizer Audio: Energize Your Water With Energies Embedded in Audio; Beta Testers Complete!

Necessity is the mother of invention... Or we could say that Creative Problem Solving is the mother of invention, at least in my case.

Five days ago I created an Avatar State Activator for myself, for Creative Problem Solving... I needed it to solve some issues that looked like a catch 22... impossible to solve.

I played the audio and was wondering what kind of "solution" I will find to my problem.

Today I received an order for a liter of energized water from a student... and realized that I so underpriced it, that I was working for free... not a good thing... lol.

Then I had an idea: what if I could record myself energizing water, would the energy be embedded in the audio? Muscle test said yes... so I recorded it and you can get it now.
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If you are a healer, you want to read this…

healer healingI have students that are in the healing profession.

When they first start with me, they are confused, stunned, and ask me if they should quit doing what they are doing. Their whole attitude, in that moment, reveals to me what is not working about their healing.

Healing, much like the work I do, is restoring balance in a human being.

Because being out of balance can happen in so many different ways, and through so many years, even decades, and because you can be out of balance emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, chemically.... etc. etc. there is no healing modality that can restore anyone, there is no activator that can restore anyone, no coaching method...

Restoring balance is like picking a lock.

The most important quality a healer can bring to healing is being 100% present to what's so, over time.

Imagine a tumble lock with 30-40 pins... the combination looks endless and it is near endless. Each pin's position can be anywhere between on and off... Until you get it all right, the lock won't turn, but yet, there are indicators that you are going in the right direction. You can feel it... But that doesn't mean continuing doing the same thing, it only means, that the starting point now changed to the new starting point...
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Energetic Brain Cleansing… Foggy Brain, Alzheimers, Parkinsons Beware UPDATED

brain cleansingEnergetic Brain Cleansing... Foggy Brain, Alzheimers, Parkinsons Beware

We've been doing brain cleansing with Source Light, for about a year now. Honestly, I don't know how it is doing it, I don't know what it exactly does, but I can tell you the results I have experienced on myself and on participants of those sessions:

My eye sight improves by far. After those sessions I can see as well without my glasses, as with them before the session. Maybe even better, the foggy hazy edges of my visual field are gone. Long? No. For about 4 days.

I sleep better. I am sharper, remember without effort, have more energy, and am in a better mood.

Students: they are able to get off their depression meds, their anxiety meds, their ADD meds. We haven't had anyone with Alzheimer or Parkinsons, but if brain cleansing has any effect on those, I am sure they would experience a reversal of symptoms, or something like that.

One of my students suggested that I write a book on what we do, like the brain cleansing, and honestly I didn't think it would be worth my time, I prefer doing it than writing about it. Why? Because when you write about something that you do, you need to make it meaning-full for the reader, so you add stuff that is not your direct experience, and you become one of those people that are all Tree of Knowledge. It's not my path, so I am reluctant.

But I am willing to write an article about brain cleansing, one of my favorite things to do, so here you go.
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What Is The Most Economical Way To Have Energized Water Around The Clock?

What Is The Most Economical Way To Energize Your Water Have Energized Water Around The Clock?

I have tested these different methods:

mini-energizers-with-gallon-water-bottleThe cheapest way to energize your drinking water: buy 4 mini energizers from me. Drop them into a gallon bottle of purified/filtered water and let it sit for 24 hours. Have two bottles in rotation, you'll need to pour the energized water into a different container, and refill the first bottle, or buy 8 mini energizers.

Cost to energize your water one gallon at at time for a year:
4 mini energizers: $21 including shipping. Cost per gallon: 5.7 cents
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Self-Respect Is The Key To A Great Life: When You Like Yourself You Like Your Life

Paradigm-Shift and self-respect

Respect means two things: the original meaning: double take, and the new, politically correct meaning: honor.

I will mean the original meaning in this article: the act of looking again. Because when you first looked, the past got into your eyes. You saw what you expected to see, you saw how it used to be, how you saw it before, you saw it in a way that rendered your relationship with it stuck, and your life as well.

What you hold true, about yourself, about your loved ones, about other people, individually and as others grouped together, about life, about work, about what is good and what is bad, gives you a certain world, and for the purposes of this article we'll call it your paradigm.
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