What Will Happen When Earth’s Magnetic Poles Reverse?

This article deals with two hypotheses: what happens when the magnetic poles revers, and what happens when the earth’s spin reverses… and what happened already in the past…

geomag-reversal.jpgSome truth that is not that known, not that accepted, and yet it muscle test as truth and it explains some of what has happened to humanity, the life span, the water, and other thus far unexplained phenomena

According to Dr. Reams, originator of the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, RBTI as the followers lovingly call it, the Earth has changed its polarity. Or maybe with the polarity shift the planet also changed in what direction it’s spinning..
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I think I have finally hit the magic button. I am starting to drop weight without trying

the-truth-about-fatI wrote this article four years ago.

I re-read it. Since then my weight dropped to 122 lbs, and I can be considered thin. And most of the things I swear by in this article are no longer true.

The truth value of this article is 10%… meaning: 90% is not true.

Since I wrote this I have learned a lot. So what is not true? beef. Grass fed means that in the last month of the cow’s life they turn off the grain… Not enough to clean the cow up…

Butter: turns out that there are two kinds of cows: the original cow and the enhanced cow, enhanced for milk production. The original cow is only in a handful of countries, France, India, and if I remember correctly, Iceland or Greenland… the skinny looking cows…

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Soul Correction and sexuality

Soul Correction and sexuality

This topic is just beginning to emerge for me, so expect some changes, and wild turns, and summary statements reversed… but yet it is worth exploring, it is worth to take this winding road to discover the connection, and do some soul-searching as to what I really hold true, and also to meditate what the “Original Design” holds as ideal blueprint for a human… Big task, but I am up or it.

I am going to examine it through three soulcorrection archetypes, for now, Forget Thyself, (34) Soul Mates, (28) and Sexual Energy (35).

I am starting to see enough of these to be able to say something that may make a difference. I am also tempted to pull in “Speak Your Mind” (25)… we’ll see. Don’t hold your breath.

OK, let’s begin… big sigh, fear, oh, what the heck, the worst can ever be is the article won’t be publishable, lol.

OK, First let’s look what’s this sexual energy is… well, from its name it should be clear: it is an energy. It is a drive.
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