If you were a body of water, would you be a river, puddle?

river? lake? swamp?If you were a body of water, what would you be? A river? A puddle?Maybe a stream? A pond, a swamp? Let’s look what would help you decide, shall we?

Life needs to be moved… so it moves like a river. Life can also be a lake, fed by a river or a stream. And, of course, it can be a swamp… and most lives are that.

Life could be a river… you grow, you gather strength.

But many of us, maybe most of us, at some point expect the river to grow, and flow, and it just stops. It becomes stagnant.

Most people who come to me have a life like that. Things may happen, mostly out of their control, but they make nothing happen.

Our life needs to be moved, but no one has taught us how to do it.

This thought is what I woke up with today. And the life experience is being heavy, not wanting to get up, not being alive. Continue reading “If you were a body of water, would you be a river, puddle?”