Reader question answered: Why have I been unable to grow? Soul fragmentation?

Dear Sophie,

I have been unable to grow, to learn, to move from A to B. I have been spending a lot of time reading your articles, doing your courses, and yet: no result.

Is there anything I am missing?

Your case reminds me of some hopeless health cases just before I discovered that there is such a thing as energetic attachments.

The client would stay out of balance, leaking energy left and right, in spite of all the things we did…

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To what degree is your life fragmented?

fragmented lifeYour vibration, your creativity, your truth value all depends on your cone of vision… But until you see that you have a narrow cone of vision, that you look at things with narrow cone of vision, or a narrow filter, you won’t want to make it wider.

Wide cone of vision means inclusive… narrow cone of vision is exclusive… exclusive of areas that you KNOW don’t matter, don’t belong, or you don’t like them. Exclusive because you KNOW the answer…

The most exciting insights first show up in the corner of your eyes… Which means they are literally outside of your cone of vision.

One way I see this is how attached you are to one area of life, or one way to do it, or one problem you have.
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Want the good life? Use the Edge effect. Finding your niche where you can win. living life creatively

theodore-roosevelt-quoteYou want the good life… Creating the good life, health, wealth, love and happiness, will require creativity from you… 1

The opposite of creativity is timidness. 2

Creativity is living at risk… Existential courage. 3

You want to color inside the lines… and get the good life. No chance.

Unless you are willing to shuffle and stir things up, you are among the dead, you are among those timid souls that never know defeat, but never know success either.
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Updated: Truth value… let’s talk about truth value

beauty-vs-intelligence-23-638During the summer of 1966 I ran into a girl I knew from elementary school. Turns out she applied and was accepted to the same school I was going to start in that September.

We were having a chat. I remember thinking to myself: Compared to her I know everything… why am I going to school?

We both graduated. I am sure she still thinks she knows everything. My experience is that I know less and less as time goes by.

Whether you can identify with my 19 year old person, or my 69 year old person, and to what degree will be important, so jot it down.

This article will attempt to answer truth value.
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Why I was miserable for 17 straight years… I didn’t know until just now

hey coach...As I said in a previous article, I am reading the book, The One Thing.

Most books, just like Tai says, are one-gold-nugget books. Tree of Knowledge. This one is full of gold nuggets. The One Thing book is a Tree of Life book

The nugget I discovered yesterday may be the most important thing I have missed, and I see others miss…

It is and have been in plain sight but at the same time it is invisible, like most new distinctions. Until you see it, you don’t…

The nugget, this new distinction, is the foundation for the Ben Jonson quote from Poor Richard’s Almanac: “He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master” 1

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How does the Days of Power help you become more of yourself? To climb the Tree of Life…

I thought I would share something I haven’t talked about in a long while… And that is your memories. Your pain memories… specifically.

We all have it. And they are, for most people, packed away, in some fat, or some muscle, joint… like any other toxin.

Life is smart. You cannot be very effective with life, very present, if you have to deal with pain that can’t be resolved… emotional pain.

Many people go to classes to rid themselves of the pain, but these classes don’t work very well. Why? Because when you retell the story, you get caught in the story instead of feeling the pain. You feel the “marker feelings” the words awaken, but not the original pain. 1

The pain is NOT in the story… stories are words. But the pain is real, and the words, the story, push the pain further out of reach.

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What is your self-image? Are self-image questions, personality profiles, Kolbe test give you a correct answer?

True-Self-Test-True-Self-IQThere is a fundamental built-in error in tests that involve answering questions about ourselves.

I have found that personality tests that rely on your knowing yourself and to predict what you would do in certain situations, are profoundly flawed. 1

I say this after working with thousands of people, one-on-one, observing them, feeling them (I am an empath) and comparing who and how they are compared to what they say about themselves.

The gap is significant between the two.

You believe yourself different from who you are, and you fill out your questionnaire by your belief. But your actions will still be consistent with who you really are, how you really behave, your real attitude, your real self, and you’ll be way off in your test results… 2

You’ll be like the mad hero, Don Quixote, who lived in a world of his own design, unaware that he was out of sync, and that his actions were mad in the real world. 3
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How I achieved 50% result in changing people’s behavior

The-Elephant-MindsetSelf-improvement, self-development is a lot like the illegal drug trade. It’s not regulated. A few “cartels” dominate the market. What they sell is mostly addictive, pleasure promising, but on the long term destroys the user’s life.

Then there are the drug pushers, the evangelists that seems to know what’s right and what’s wrong, and how a teacher should or should not be.

The programs and the tools are ineffective… you’ll find out why later in this article.
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Tools to remove Dark Side attachments yourself

sorcerer-overloadThis article gives you some tools that you can use to remove the Dark Side attachments you unwittingly gathered through curiosity, greed, or desire to heal. If I refused to remove your attachments, this is what I can offer to you, for now. If you can’t afford my services to remove you attachments, this is also your path.

From time to time I am approached by people that I know are dangerous. Some are unconscious of the danger they pose… they are like zombies… operated by a power greater than themselves: an evil and dark power.

How did that happen? They find themselves attracted to weird stuff… energies, spells, curses, rituals, magical, magik.

The attraction comes from weakness. And the weakness gets exploited.

Thousands of weak sorcerer wannabees walk around the planet, all enslaved by killer energies. Many come to me to curse me or ask for help.
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Trim Tab, the counter cultural tool of winners


TrimmedBoat_bigYou want to raise your vibration? Want to be happy, fulfilled, harmonious, in balance, at peace? This may be the most important article you can read.

Without this tool you have a rough ride, with this tool… your ride is smooth. 1

One of the most counter-cultural distinctions that came from Buckminster Fuller is the trim tab, or small actions that turns big ships.
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